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Lookai Reviews {Update} Is This A Legit Or Scam Website?

Lookai Reviews

Do you enjoy buying things at low prices? This article will provide you Lokai customer reviews.

Want to wear a printed T-shirt? Nowadays everyone wants to wear comfortable clothes like shirts, blouses etc. We know that in every country like France every product is available online.

For private items, fast online access is available. Here we will tell you about Lookai which can give you the best designer printed T-shirt at the best price in the whole world that you can try once. Let’s look at various aspects like Lookai buyer agreements.

What is The Lookai?

Lookai sells you many different and attractive items like T-shirts, t-shirts and more from France. The website provides you all the important points like delivery details, payment details, return issues and many more to know more about the website.

As we know online shopping is growing and people are attracted to it. But in this case you need to know all the details of the portal and read other important points in other verified portals. So even if Lokai is real, is Lokai legit or a scam?

About the Lookai process

Lookai shared the social media link based on Facebook and Instagram links on the portal.
You can contact them via contact@lookai.co.
You can visit Lookai URL https://www.lookai.co/.
Lookai does not have a phone number on any platform.

Lookai claims quality items like t-shirts, tops and more.
Lokai offers goods at low prices.
Lookai does not share office space, it is very difficult to visit the site.
Lookai offers a 30-day return policy, so you can request a refund and exchange any disappointments.

Lookai customer reviews are nowhere to be found so we cannot confirm.

Lookai provides security by obtaining a secure certificate.
Lookai claims free shipping throughout the US. in orders over $60.
You can read shipping and delivery information on the platform as each line is mentioned in it.
Lookai does not distribute newsletter services.
Online payments are accepted by PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and more.

What are the benefits of buying something from Lokai?

Lookai supports more expensive items, so all items look nice in photos.
You can ask any question using the email support provided and access the Lookai discussions.

What are the disadvantages of buying something from Lokai?

We have no idea where the local office is as there is no address anywhere.
There are social media links but no action.

Even on the Lokai URL, we find no customer reviews of Loyalty Pilot.

He claims to sell at a very low price.
The ad does not exist.

Is Lookai legit or not?

Lookai is a very new portal in the online world which was launched on 08/02/2022.
Lookai will end soon on 08/02/2023.
Lookai has a terrible trust index ie. Only 1%.
We do not see social media traffic when links are displayed on the page.
None of the buyers published their results anywhere.
We have no lines to Lokai’s owner.
Lookai has copied the data, so be careful.
No details about the owner.
Lookai is considered skeptical, so we recommend that you do your best research before planning to buy or pay online.

Lookai customers

Lookai says that the number of things like Tea etc. is too small, so we plan to explore the place further. So I got online and checked out some time-tested forums.

However, there is no experience from previous customers, so we cannot trust the site until we have direct reviews about Trust Pilot. Please see how to get a refund using Paypal scams.

Final thoughts

The site is very new at very realistic prices with little things like t-shirts, contact information other than email address, Lookai user reviews, fake trust indicator, copied content, discount and more. That’s why we say this is not a legit site. Please confirm steps to save money and prevent credit card fraud.

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