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List of Us Allies and Enemies

Do you know about the list of allies and enemies in 2022? This document provides more information on the same topic. So see the post for more details.

Want to know America’s friends and enemies? The United States has a long history of contact with countries around the world. However, the strength of these relationships has changed in the last century as a result of changing global and local conditions.

Nations often become allies when they have a common goal or need help to defend themselves. Let’s start with the details of the list of friends and enemies for 2022.

What does team and enemy mean?

The partners are countries with which other countries have signed defense agreements. If one partner falls, the other can help.

The enemies of the countries are so unjust and you fail. Enemies make friends with other tribes, but if he attacks the enemy, others may not support him.

Sometimes friends refuse to help one country in danger, sometimes one enemy wants to work together against another.

List of our friends and enemies

The United States has many partners around the world. In this program, we will destroy any of America’s wars and enemies. The following is a list of countries in close contact with the United States and some of its enemies:

Top 10 American countries. in 2022:

in Great Britain
in the Kingdom of Ireland
and Norway
they did in Sweden
and Italy
in Germany
and Australia

America’s top 10 enemies in 2022:

on the Iranian side
Syria is a country
in Iraq
Libya is a country
what country is somalia
province of Pakistan
in the Kingdom of Russia
in North Korea
on the land of Palestine
and Afghanistan

America crushed by Russia

Following Putin’s war with Ukraine, the United States, along with its allies, is putting rapid economic pressure on Russia.

If we look at our friends and enemies in 2022, we see that tomorrow’s actions include harsh economic sanctions and the tightening of external borders, which will have a serious impact on Russia’s GDP, economy and technology.

In the United States:

Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank, has severed ties with US banks.
VTB Bank, the second largest company in Russia, is subject to a total ban (VTB).

Total ban on three major financial institutions in Russia:

New loans and financing restrictions have been granted to 13 large enterprises and companies in Russia
Russia’s military is facing serious challenges because of Putin’s military and geopolitical ambitions.
Restrictive restrictions have been put in place throughout Russia to prevent the import of technology products essential to the country’s transformation and to prevent Putin from taking power.


I’ve covered the entire list of American friends and enemies. A military alliance is an international security agreement that allows an alliance to coordinate actions and provide emergency assistance.

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