Linkt Corporation {Update 2022} Know Full Details!

Linkt Corporation

A company called Linkt Corporation warned of a scam hidden in its name. This is how we see people being deceived these days.

Do you have your own car and love to drive it? Planning a long or short toll road trip? Did you know that scammers can trip you up along the way and lose your account balance? Hi?

If you are an Australian citizen, you need to be very careful about this. That’s because fraud at Linkt Corporation, Transurban’s electronic ticketing company, is on the rise. Let’s take a look at this topic through this article.

What happened and what is the latest news?

A Gold Coast resident has been charged almost $4000 for using SMSfee on behalf of company Linkt. Surprisingly, he is not alone, but according to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), there are hundreds of people affected by this scam. Since January of this year, the department has received more than 700 tips, totaling more than $100,000.

Is it connected to Mont Saint Aignana?

No, we’re talking about Australian payments company Linkt, not Mont Saint Aignan, France. People were confused by the news and began searching for Linkt, a French telecommunications company.

However, in our online research, we found that the two are different. Before we go any further, let’s be clear that we’re talking about an Australian payments company.

Was the company aware of this scam?

Transurban warned users on its official website that it was aware of driver scams and was working to stop them. They say we should always visit the official Linkt Corporation website and Linkt App when we need updates.

They also said they would not respond to emails, texts or phone calls asking for their banking information because the company never forwards those messages.

Examples of messages people receive include:

Your connection failed; Follow the link to complete the process.
Shipping details are long out of date and incorrect, please visit the link provided.

There is still a tip. Please go here and pay.

Date mm/dd/yyyy Paid planned trip; Enter the link to pay.

What is the best thing to do?

Linkt Corporation does not charge any fees as described above. If in doubt, don’t click and take a screenshot and send it here

If you too have been redirected to a suspicious website or scams like Linkt, look for common symptoms:

Spelling errors
Web URLs do not begin with https
Bad grammar or spelling

Action required:

Do not open these messages
Don’t answer those calls
Take a screenshot and share.
cut it off
Do not click any links.
Do not include login or banking information.


The Linkt Corporation is Australia’s Transurban toll operator and is notorious for fraud. A woman was recently duped by scammers who are warning drivers about it. For examples of fake documents obtained by Linkt, click here.

Have you received a suspicious message from Linkt? Tell us how you got started.

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