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Lifeandhome Reviews

We hope our article on Lifeandhome reviews will help you in solving your doubts and problems online.

Are you looking for a single service for your home and apartment? We recently discovered a website that sells all kinds of home and lifestyle items. The name of the place is Lifeandhome. And it became a US icon.

So, our task now is to find out the authenticity of this site, which we will do in the long run. So check out our Lifeandhome reviews. Before you watch, we remind you not to overlook things that may be important to you.

About the Lifeandhome website

Lifeandhome is a website specializing in home and lifestyle products. It was founded in 2002, which means it is old. They offer home appliances such as home appliances and kitchen appliances; Then they have lawn and garden supplies like garden tools and lawn generators; They also offer outdoor living and lawn decorating and more, which you can find on their website. Their products are also currently available in the market. The website also provides valuable information about the company.

We don’t know if Lifeandhome is legit or not with the tools on this site.

Website Information.

Date of domain registration – This domain was registered on 10/24/2002.
Domain link – visit this link https://www.homelife.com/

Featured Products – This site offers appliances, lawn and garden supplies, heating and cooling, and more.

Payment options – can pay Store Payment, Payment Pal, Google Payment and more
Contact Number – Call 1-(212)-400-7488 or toll free at 1-(877)-289-9760.
Company Address – See their shipping address NY 11237, Brooklyn PO BOX 370707.
Email ID- Contact Sales@lifeandhome.com.
Newsletter – See if they have a newsletter through Lifeandhome Reviews so you can subscribe.
Return Policy – You can return your purchase within 45 days.
Refund Policy – You can expect to receive your money within 2-5 business days.
Process change – no process planning.

Shipping Information – Shipping via USPS takes 4-14 business days, while standard shipping takes 7-14 business days.
Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this site.

The best in web design

The website is out of date.
Your contact information is accurate and complete.
Website is a good example of a website that includes social media.
This website is protected by HTTPS protocol and SSL integration.
Received information about new futures.
Discounts, which is a good sign for customers.
Questions of dress.

Bad content on the site

There is a lot of customer feedback available on major websites.

Is Lifeandhome legit? or wrong

We will discuss the parameters by which you can determine the authenticity of the site.

Only 57% of the quality of information on this site has been stolen.
Owner Information – Owner information is available on the website.

Trust Score – The site scored 93%, which is a perfect score.

Social Media Platforms – This site has many social media platforms.
Confidence level The confidence level is 100% and the highest.
Features – All options are available.
Customer surveys- There are many customer surveys.

Address Verification – Check Lifeandhome Reviews for correct address.
Date of Domain Formation – The domain was established on 2002/10/24, which is a reliable indicator as an old site.
Site suspension date – the site will no longer be available from 10/2/2026
Redemption – Redemption of received goods.

Customer evaluation

According to our research, we found very few customer reviews. We also did not find any reviews of any potential websites; Comments usually come from the website. Several different reviews are on a regular website with a rating of only 2.1, which is poorly rated. Furthermore, there are no published reviews. If you have been scammed and want to know how to get your money back through Paypal, check here with Lifeandhome reviews.

A final conclusion on this topic

A website that offers home and direct products has a good contact address. Talk about their owners. They have social networking on Facebook and the trust scores are pretty standard. But with negative values, there are lower customer values. So after this discussion, the site may not be legit, but feel free to check it out. Check here if you need a credit card refund.

If you are interested in purchasing products from this website, please read our Lifeandhome review and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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