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Last Day On Earth guide

Is Earther’s Last Day Survival new? Understand all the basics for new students, tips, tricks and hints for the last days of Earther

The Last of the Earther: Survive is a popular MMORPG for Android and iOS. There are many clones in the Google Play Store, but so far this one is the best. The game makes it harder for you to survive in a dangerous world (full of enemies/zombies and other players). They can attack you, destroy your base, steal your resources and injure you. Your goal is to protect yourself and your capital from the enemy. In this article, we covered everything you need to know about the sport:

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Tricks and Tips

1.) Final instructions

At the end of the Earther Facial Safety program, your only goal is to maintain a healthy body image by taking care of food, water, and health. Read the tips and tricks below to learn how to get proper water and food on your last day at Earther.

Besides, survival is another problem; In this dangerous world, nothing can help you but a friendly dog. Zombies and other players can break into your bunker, kill your character and take the capital. You can go to their address and steal their place. Save resources and livelihoods.

If you die, all your possessions will be lost. But if you die in one place (theme/house/building, heap, event), you will find corpses and get tools. But if you die in a place like yellow earth, red earth, green earth, you cannot heal or find the dead person.

Here are important tips for beginner Earther players. Now let’s look at our last book in the last days on earth; helicopter/motorcycle, skills, captivity, dogs, etc.

Guide for dogs

You can take the dog to other places, and various things will help you with this, for example, the destruction of zombies. You don’t want to buy a dog directly. First, find a dog and add it to your furniture. You can easily see the first two puppies by examining their location.

When you have puppies, feed and raise them. You will need to create a dog page for this task. Dog kennels are used for breeding and caring for dogs.

Read the equivalent instructions below. You can buy dogs from vendors (create a CB radio that allows you to interact with vendors, intruders).

When you make a dog house, you will be able to feed them; certain items such as raw meat, dry food, and dog food. Let the puppies wake them up and become dogs.

Your dog will behave better as he gets older (I, II, III, IV). Development will develop the characteristics of skills depending on the situation. Breeding is one of the best ways to get the most out of a dog on the last day.

Special skills? These are the ones that add bonuses like being able to get rare items, rare pets, and more.

There is a rare condition called depression (grade IV). Dogs with this specialty can attach an alpha hopper to a dog door. However, there are only 5-10% ways to get this promotion from a real friend.

equation guide

You can keep two dogs (male and female equally) with dogs and make a new puppy. It can be one level or higher.

Lose the same dog and get a puppy of a higher or the same level. There will be an option called Developmental Traits to give the puppy some parental traits.

Find points

Last Day in Earther This content is different from EXP (Create Content). You get EXP for everything you do, including playing and raising capital, killing zombies, creating and being creative. You can see the graphics at the bottom of the game screen. Get enough experience to upgrade.

However, these research points will help your learning. Access to this research site is possible from the region. On the global map, when you click on a site, the game provides detailed information about the location and a list of skills that can be learned on it.

You can track your progress below (at the top right of the screen). When you reach 100%, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills. These include oak forests, snow fields, alpha shelters, pine forests, foundations and mountains.

In recent days in Earther, there have been three types of strategies: active, temporary, and permanent. Power skills can be activated by pressing a button. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. direction and direction (bottom left, right corner). You can learn new skills by using search data (read the guide above).

List of occupations: –

animal friends
Looking around
personal rescue
Speed ​​up the process
Special skills are like leather. Learn these skills to earn a special bonus. For example; The hacker is very smart. With this ability, you can pull locks and other power tools as you learn the alpha bunker.

List of passive abilities: –

Be careful
Driver (must be in a helicopter).
extra bag
living in the cold
ATV driver
walking man
adjust the depths
be happy and happy
dear dogs

For more information on this design and vacuum cleaner technology, go to the inventory and click on the refresh icon next to the water.

Last Days in Earther: A Helicopter Guide
Helicopter or motorcycle to walk, walk or run over the map. But it will not be easy to build a helicopter. It opens at level 6 and you can design using the following resources: -.

Iron line
debate board

Then you have to build a building (wait); It’s time to dump her and move on. The following parts or components are needed to build a helicopter on the last day of the world:

Tu’u Chopper [Bunker Alpha – Booty].
Grain Bottle [Bunker Alpha].
cast iron
Bunker Brawo, Zone, Mina
It will be a chopper [Forest, Bunker Alpha].
In Engineering [Air Drop, Packaging, Base, Bunker].
Learn cyclist skills after the convention. Read Aboveokar’s research tips book.

Alpha Holy Land Letter

The last day in Earther is one of the rarest sources. You can find it on the world map. You need a password to log in. Where can you find the password? You can pick up dead soldiers or CB radios at source sites. Make sure there are many dangerous creatures inside that can easily destroy you. It is better to have a weapon or a weapon. See also – Basic new Android games

Tips and tricks of the last day in Earther

In this section, we will learn how to live on the last day, save resources and move on. Imagine building a house with your foundation and placing all the boxes and offices in this building. If not, build a small house first.

1.) Water, food and health
Taking care of your body should be the top priority of the last day in Earther.

How is water taken?

Check your mailbox (click on the coin next to the wristband at the bottom of the screen)
On the next screen, click the Inbox in the lower left corner.
get a bottle of water
Aluminum and inventory
Use bottled water
do not throw bottles
it’s raining
Put an empty bottle inside.
After a while you will get a water bottle (full of water).

You will receive a free gift every day. Remember to check your email every day.

How is food obtained?

Kill enemies and get meat
of birds
Find or collect seeds. Bag gur. planting vegetables
to measure
How can health be restored?

Use a piece of cloth to make a belt.
To eat
high position
First Aid [Air].
# 2. Resource protection
Build a small house. Renovate your walls, doors, floors. Put a box or box inside. If you leave it in the open, it will be easier for the predators to break things.

If you keep it inside, the wall or door should be damaged first. Repair walls or doors to complicate the work of entrants.

When you reach level 18, set up and set up alarm traps in your home.

# 3.) Find the body
If you die, you will lose everything. Find your dead place to bring them back. Note that you will not be able to bring them back after you die in the zones.

# 4.) Increase self-defense
Things like cardboard hats, shirts, wrappers, shoes act as weapons or protection. Build and equip them to improve your defenses. You can make or build advanced weapons in your care.

# 5.) Do not confuse with zombies in the red zone
It is best not to deal with zombies in dangerous places. Especially at night and at the beginning of the game. When visiting these areas, equip them with powerful weapons and armor for maximum damage and additional damage. Do not go for less than your best skills.

If you need less noise, you are more likely to be distracted.

# 6.) Save energy for events
A global map needs energy to move fast. Air strikes, plane crashes and more. Remember to save energy for such events. Due to lack of time.

# 7.) Atherygna, saml and saml
Building assets requires a lot of money. Do not waste your time, visit resource areas and collect as much as possible because you will need more.

# 8.) Get help from a doctor
Sometimes you see a medical character next to a truck on the ground. Tap the message icon, stay in touch with it, and select the one you want.

# 9.) Open the unknown box
You can earn valuable items (coins, weapons, etc.) by watching video ads in the latest Earther game. Go to the store / click on the coin icon at the bottom of the game screen -> best -> unknown box -> free.

A basic guide for first time players
EarthCrafting Deadline – Prepare the points needed to make or make a trade. You will gain by increasing the level.

Fix – Play games; Collect wealth, kill enemies to level it.

Click the icon on the right of the Construction -> Game screen. Choose a floor, door or wall. Start placing furniture for real estate; a small box, a container and so on. Treat a wall, floor or door to modernize it.

Learn -> You can not save an unlimited number of items at once as the locations in your warehouse are limited. Collect and equip the bag to increase the number of oysters. Before you go to that place, make sure there is enough space on the loot list. Use the damaged truck as furniture.




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