Adventure Escape Murder Inn {June 2022} Know The Complete Detail!

Adventure Escape Murder Inn

Adventures Escape: Problems solving Murder Inn? Check out this experience: Murder Inn Go anywhere

Skip the adventure this time: you must solve the secret at the Murder Inn at the Murder Inn. Do you want to find the killer before you hurt him? A friend of mine died in a skiing accident last year. Another friend was killed in the room this year. Someone is lying. You have to find the culprit. Write down the instructions and select a chapter to complete the activity. Repair all locations in the Murder Inn.
Strolling through the Murder Inn: Chapter 1
In this chapter we go home, snap and snap every photo and give food for all tastes. Follow these steps (Experience Escape: Murder Inn Walkthrough): –

Step 1) A code is required because the door is locked to enter the house. Use numbers to clear the ice. Dig out the door and use the following code: 6674. Find the murder of the hotel – step by step

Step 2) Log in. Now you need to search for 6 images. Make sure you move the star away from the photo frame (to the right of the light). After describing all the images, click on the drawing. Put Photoshop on board: Walkthrough for Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Step 3) Back. Remove the teapot from the chair and give it to the dog. Escape from Adventure: Enter the Murder Inn

Step 4 Open the picture and take the oven out of the oven. Use in the oven. Light a candle on the stove. Then the doorbell rang. Attempts to Avoid: Murder Host’s Guide

Episode 1 of the Kill Escape Inn walkthrough has ended. Part 2 –

Step 1) Requirements: 3 tablespoons, 3 napkins and 3 cups of alcohol.

Angry –

Sofa: press to open the cushion.
The fridge
There is a plate in the pan. You need a lid for the dish. You can find a bottle without filling.
towels –

Box of tissues
A glass of wine –

Take the table key and open the drawer [in the refrigerator].
Bring a bottle of flowers with you and use it with drinking water (top right).
Open the picture and take the fish. Use a glass of alcohol on the table.

Step 2) Place all objects on the table. Feed the people you choose. See The Walking Trail: The Walking Trail Murder Inn

All. Part 1: The Host Escape Guide is complete.

Murder Inn Walkthrough: Chapter 2

There are weapons in this chapter. I need ammo. Here are the steps to follow –

Step 1) Some snowboards (left) need to be replaced, so:

Step 2) Enter the room. Open the box on the left and remove the vacuum cleaner. Use to clean the floor (if needed). Open the image and take the key.

Step 3) There is no need to clean and remove major problems. do not listen. Go around the corridor, press the button (you will see the snowflakes again), then enter 1, 7 and 8. Get keys 13 and 21. Open the table of holes with two buttons.

Step 4) Enter the room and add 5 numbers to each unsuspecting object.

Step 5 Open the box (near the bed). List the tiles [Find the three missing tiles in the room, one near the bed, one near the corpse and the third near the tile cover] as follows:

Step 6) Use the knife (on the table) and shake the box again. You will see a snake nest, clean it with a vacuum cleaner and kill it with a knife. Log in and look for Bullet ID: Length: 19.7, Diameter: 8.2, Depth: 1.5 and Screw: Straight.

Hit the search button. All. Escape Adventure – Murder Inn Tour – Part 2 completed.

Murder Inn Walkthrough: Chapter 3

In this chapter, we find the attacker dressed as Emma and kill her. The following steps must be followed in the guide:

Step 1: You are in a safe room. Click on the screen. Here are some buttons. Each button has its own function: you can change the day, month, time and scenario.

It works like this –

First button – in [Abstention]
Then there are the facts [example – 00:15]
Three – down [example – 6:00]
Fourth – left [example – 00:45]
A video image will then appear. Time until 12/12 [use first and second button], time until 6:15 [use third button] and change scene: record recording [use last button].

Tap the author.

Step 3) Go to the next room. Click on the mixer [next to the lamp]. Insert the blue card, burn each disc as follows.

Step 4) Take the red arrow at the end of Step 3. Click on the character set [right]. Place the red marker on the chalk board. Do everything.

Step 5. Release the և button and go back to the previous room. Use this key to unlock Almira’s door. Click on the jacket. This is what.

Chapter 3 – Escape Incident – Inn Murder Full Description:

Murder Inn Link. Chapter 4:.

This chapter is very difficult for those who are not familiar with Sudoku, so we have come up with a simple solution for this chapter.

Step 1) Click on the screen և enter this code: 9 2 5.

Step 2) Go to the bedroom and click on [Bed] in the bottom left corner.

Then click on the bag, enter this code: 5 3 1 7 3 3 5 1. Then click on read the letter.

This is what. Chapter 4 of Murder Inn or Murder Manor 2 is complete.

Murder Inn Link. Chapter 5:.

In this chapter you have to solve 2 problems. The first puzzle to get to the intestines is the second puzzle to the end of the head. Boys, it’s so easy…

Step 1) Go to the next house.

Step 2) Next place the brackets և tile squares. For concussion.

Step 3) Click on cycles և you will see this screen.

Step 4) The ice pieces should move over the red circle, which of course makes sense. For example. Keep moving the cubes.

First fill the cube (number 3 – right) to fill in the blanks
Slide left to fill in the blanks – (Cube 2 – left).
About 1 cube (right – empty).
Left Left ⇒ Maximum 1 child right Follow under the red circles on the right.
3 columns from left ub Cube as 1 ⇒ top և, right ⇒ bottom և bottom կարմիր red circle (Enter).
Column 2 from left Red A red cube with a red circle about 1 point on it.
3rd column from right. Add the 2nd red circle.
Column 1 – about 3 blocks – Place it on the 3rd red circle.

It should be …

Now, let’s move on to the main point. Click on the rectangular plate together.

Step 5) Use the skateboard to break the door. Then click on the door and you will see this screen [Snowflakes] -.

Step 6) How to edit the template [Just click Snow] -.

Step 7) Login. Click on the blue box. Take basketball. Use it to move left – see picture. Take the key. Use the car keys. Pick up the table and open the room. Click to place a round tile.

Step 8) Turn the tiles over. Recommendation: Ice cold

This is what. Adventure Escape – Religion or Assassin’s Murder – Chapter 5 completed

Murder Inn Link. Chapter 6:.

In this chapter we go through two secret doors. We collect arrows to open these doors.

Step 1) Click on the [left] box. Add 3,2,5,7. Then collect the arrows [red, green, blue և yellow]. Put these arrows in the holes. Green, blue dearg red arrow in the middle. Go to the room.

Step 2) Click on the couch on the right and you will be shot. Pour two white powders into the holes. Right – click on the account և the clock appears. Press right, up, left և right to move. Remove the iron from the box. Use the locked metal key to open the secret door.

Step 3) Go to the room. Click Lock և enter the following code: JSEB. Then click on the spreadsheet, grouping the numbers by color: blue-red-yellow-green.

This is what. Finished Adventure Escape – Murder Inn Chapter 6. Go to Murder Inn Walkthrough Part 7

Murder Inn Link. Chapter 7:.

In Chapter 7 you have to solve everything. Lost, some books are opened, and we find lost books dealing with the hills. Steps to Complete Murder Inn Series 7 Avoidance Adventures.

Step 1) Remove the trombone from the table (left). Click on the bag and enter the code: 4 3 6. Remove the book. This is the Elcode

Step 2) Go to the next room. Click on the switch (table on the right). Enter code – S J Y L. Find the rail box. Press the switch and place the track box. Now you need to assemble the track from start to finish. Simply click on the green area and click on the rail to change its appearance. tour the hotel

Step 3. Then click the chain. Combine the strands with a paperclip. Change color via switches and a yellow button. Use the left switch to change the button, the right switch to change the color. Basically use the left switch to select the button (just click on it). Once selected, press the toggle switch on the right to change the color and press the white dot to turn the light on.

First button: green
Another is blue
Third – Red
Fourth – Red

tour the hotel

Step 4. Find the key (left side in the train). Move the key to open the left folder. Book a tour of the Book Book Murder Hotel

Step 5. Go back to the previous room. Just click on (other). Place all the books from right to left at the bottom of the page. Middle row – four books on the left, four books on the right. Then came the secret book. Get that book in your hands. Place folders on the shelf (previously). Rearrange books in the following order: Murder in Walkthrough. Enter the Murder Inn – Chapter 7 complete.

Go to the next / last part -.

Murder: the final chapter
In this chapter, you will find the symbols and set them in the right order to open the locked door. Then rearrange the glass tile (second room, bathroom). Finally we find the killer.

Step 1. Find three proposals. The first is under the pillow, the second next to the cigar and the third on the table (touching the plant). Click on the door (left). Note and mark as follows:.

Step 2.) Enter the room. Go to the bathroom and get a bottle of oil. Press the hole, use the oil in the hose and remove the key. Use the button to open the top drawer. Take the glass tile from there. Go back and click on the box, enter the code – 9, 7, 9, 2. Find another glass tile.

Step 3. Go back to the bathroom, scrub the glass tile table. Install stained glass plates and match the color. In short, there are two tiles, one colored and the other black and white. Place a few colored tiles on top of the black and white tiles and match the color. Roll and drag to access the black and white box.

Step 4) Find the key and go back, open the door on the left with the key and go to the end.

Step 5) Use your elbows to grab parts; 2 gears, track, autograph, 2 skates. Put all these parts on the bike. Touch the garage, then touch the dog and continue.

Step 6.) Now draw Jay’s footprint. Click on the previous icon and click on the columns (don’t touch the cat). If you already have 20 stars, you can skip the find.

Step 7. Capture the assassin “JAY”. All you have to do is tie it. Write a sign and go to Jay.

So the whole thing can be a daunting task: Murder Inn Walkthrough in Chapters.


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