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Koolenmall Reviews {June} Is This Website Scam Or Not?

Koolenmall Reviews

Read exclusive Koolenmall reviews not available anywhere else for information on offers, features and authenticity.

Did you know that many fake websites are seen every day to lure internet users? These websites offer products at very high prices to entice the users to buy the products immediately. Koolenmall.shop is a website launched in the United States that replicates logos, brands and products across numerous websites.

Therefore, we encourage you to read the Koolenmall review below before purchasing any product from Koolenmall.shop.


Koolenmall.shop is another center with 244 products. Most things are related to furniture. The text of the school model was stolen from a number of websites including dressupusa.com, bkvippfind.shop, sellvipf.shop and others.

Koolenmall’s About Us section is independent, non-redundant and comprehensive. She describes Koolenmalli as a fashion retailer offering luxury goods from well – known brands.

Koolenmall offers the following range of products on its website:

Electronic equipment
Sports and outdoor recreation
Koolenmall offers high-performance electronics like a 568-liter door refrigerator for $ 98.99, proving that Koolenmall is legit and saying it takes a false discount claim to entice customers to buy right now.

Koolenmall is abusing trademarks and Rally trademarks by including them as a logo on its Website. Meet is the famous beer.


Furniture store at: https://koolenmall.shop/.
Price: Between $ 98.99.
Social Media Links: Not available for the school template.
Physical Address: Not for school model.
Customer Reviews and Blogs: Unsupported school theme.
Conditions: Not reflected in the school pattern.
Privacy Policy: Clearly stated on school summary.
WhatsApp phone number (or): school model 079-1247-7533 only has a contact number.
Retail Location: Not shown on school model.
School Model Help and CC Reference: This is not found in School Design.
Delivery Policy: Not offered for the school model.
Supply chain: Not reflected in the school model.
Cancellation Policy: School models are not displayed.
Attendance: Not possible in the school model.
Right of return: The school sample has a right of return of fourteen days.
Inventory redemption fee: Not specified in the school template.
Refund Schedule: Not visible on school template.
Email address: brynnvelez @ horne.
Payment Method: PayPal in the US. only in dollars.
Newsletter: You can add a user’s email address to receive a newsletter.


All of Koolenmall ‘s largest and most expensive products are available at a low price of $ 98.99

Appropriate product description and photo description in Koolen photo
The school model has an easy – to – use interface with filter, search and sort options

Koolenmall tries to choose different materials and colors of the same product Koolenmall offers

Koolenmall offers 244 products in various categories


Without an email address and a physical address, Koolenmall customer service is hard to come by
In the school model, only the PayPal payment method is offered
The school model is not compatible with payment options, it adds four credit card options to your Web sites
Important details such as address, address, cancellation, refunds and many more. not shown in the school model

Wrong prices on all expensive items

School models have no warranty or warranty information

Is Koolenmall Legal?

Example of first school: May 29, 2022 17:04:38.
School program Age: eleven days.
Koolenmall Last Updated: May 29, 2022, 5:04:41 PM.
End of school term: May 29, 2023, 23:59:59.
Estimated school life: Gone in eleven months and nineteen days.
Reliability coefficient: The school sample had a reliability coefficient of 1%.
Trading position: Koolenmall had a trading position of 14.2%.
Basis: The sample school is registered in the United States.

Blacklist status: Koolenmall is not blacklisted.

SSL Status: IP3.33.208.165 with valid SSL certificate.
Risk: 76%.
Website claim: 21%.
Fishing success: 67%.
Bad Koolenmall Software Rating: 45%.
Spam: 76%.
Contact: Koolenmall does not provide it.
Connectivity: Koolenmall uses HTTPS protocol.
Relationship: Not available on the Koolenmall social media platform.
Advertising and Ownership Information: Through the use of online censorship services, Koolenmall includes owners and contacts.

Customer Reviews:

Two YouTube views on four Koolenmall sites suggest that this is a scam. Koolenmall has a zero scale. Therefore, it is important to be careful with PayPal rockets to avoid fraud.

Product reviews on the Koolenmall website are incomplete. There are no reviews or customer reviews anywhere on the media, site reviews or the internet.


Koolenmall’s investigation concludes that Koolenmall.shop is a scam. There is no guarantee from the consumer about the delivery of the product. We do not support Koolenmall without customer reviews. Koolenmall has performed poorly in terms of trust, marketing and Alexa. He also scored high on the profile of the accused. Karenmol in a short life. Credit card information to prevent further fraud.

Is Karenmol’s perspective indicative? Koolenmall means the following.


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