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Kiseen Reviews {August}: Is Kiseen com Legit or a Scam?

Kiseen Reviews

Want an honest summary of admission reviews? To find out first, start studying the sections below.

Do you like online shopping? Have you ever wondered about the credibility of Kiseen.com?

Scammers can appear in many forms, including social media, phishing emails, and text messages. Nowadays, however, they have been updated over time because scammers are sneaking purchases to steal information. However, many people from Germany prefer to get information from Kiseen.com. So, if you want to compile a preview, please read this article from Kiseen Reviews.

What is Kisen.com?

Based on our review, we guessed that the official portal is an online fashion platform launched in 1996. In our website overview, we have also made it our mission to produce luxury products at competitive prices and beautiful designs. We also learned that Kiseen.com provides hassle-free support for all customers through the About Us section.

So, if you visit the portal regularly, you can trust this portal, but you should not make this mistake, because this action can cause serious damage. Now to explore this portal in depth and know more about the question – Is Kiseen legit? Check out the classes below.

Considering the important features of this network

https://kiseen.com is the official link of this online store.
I found the email addresses to be service@kiseen.com and admin@kiseen.com.

126 Square, Stokely Park, Uxbridge UB11 1FW England, address shown on website.

Search for payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, JCB, American Express, etc.
The buyer can select the newsletter to get the latest news from the website.
This online store offers a 30-day return period for the product.
Kiseen.com sells religious gifts, men’s necklaces and other products.

A search by Kissin Reviews found no contact numbers of this online store.

The portal offered buyers to check the return receipt within seven to 10 working days.
A detailed exchange policy does not appear to be on this page.
This portal was created on 2022-06-17 and is 2 months and 12 days old.
Our research has shown that shipping time depends on the destination and can vary between 7-40 days.
I browsed the website with different social media icons.
The website said it would take about seven to 20 days.

Achievements have been achieved.

I focused on social issues.
Our research on Kiseen reviews confirmed contact information such as store address and phone number.
The type of message is given.
This online store offers many discounts.

Defects noted

Customers can only use the provided icons to share the product on various social platforms.
Two email addresses may be suspicious.
We have not collected customer reviews from the popular Trustpilot platform.

Is the bag great?

Website Freeze Date – This website’s expiration date is 2023-06-17.
The confidence level is average, i.e. 58.5/1

Buyer’s note – Our survey did not collect reviews from Trustpilot. Since we can’t get the Facebook page back either – is Kisen legit?

Trust Score – The reviewer observed a rating of 2% for this store.
Alexa Rank – This site is reported to have an Alexa rank of 795094.
Bulk Purchase Feature – While researching, I found that this option is available.
The age of the site is 17-06-2022, the creation date shows that it is only 2 months and 12 days old.
Policy – ​​Graphics appear to be reproduced in this store.
Location Information – The website is not associated with the specified address.
Availability of Social Signals – Buyers can use signals only to promote the website’s product on various platforms.
Discount Details – We found that Kiseen.com offers quite a few discounts.

What are Kise’s honest reviews?

We searched on Trustpilot and could not find any legitimate reviews to rate this store. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a Facebook page, so I didn’t collect any feedback from him. The survey also found a low trust score and a moderate level of trust, questioning its reliability.

So, overall, we don’t recommend providing credentials or funds for this site at this time, as we have seen many bugs on Kiseen.com. See how credit card fraudsters are fooled here.

Final rules.

In this article we have shared Kiseen reviews which contain important information related to Kseen.com. So our research found this online store suspicious. Gather more evidence of PayPal’s evil. You can learn a poem about beads here.

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