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Kilimall. in Reviews ( Is Kilimall Legit or Scam, log in and Sign Up

Kilimall. in Reviews

This website has been trending for quite some time, but it is also new, so let’s delve into the roots of kilimall and examine kilimall.in in detail to protect everyone from the recent rogue websites.

Kilimall is a South African website that claims to reward users for completing tasks on the site. kilimall.in is the copyrighted version. did you know

Reviewed by Kilimall.in

Here is the review from kilimall.in. Look to the end and read this article “word for word” carefully.

Also, there is very little information on this site, so this article will be short.

Below are the top rated for kilimall.in.

1. Accessibility of Google URL kilimal.in:

The domain URL kilimall.in does not exist in Google. If you search for kilimall.in in a search engine, you will see the original URL of the mall instead of the resulting online version.

2. Website Security:

Kilimall.in is not a secure site. Google discourages users from entering sensitive information such as credit card information or passwords.

3. Interface (website design):

The design of Kilimall.in is poorly designed and doesn’t look good. In short, this website looks like a single page, some of the text on the website is missing, and the colors on this website are too strong. Kilimall.in has the same layout as the website of the online mall called m.kilimall.co.ke.

4. Contact page and about us:

Kilimall.in is too simple on paper. About us, contact us page. It is very bad.

So if you want to contact me right away, that’s fine.

5. Kilimall.in Social Media Pages:

kilimall.in is currently not on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The only way to contact them is through their email form page. I do not think they will give the answer you.

What is Kilimall.it?

Kilimall.in is said to be a South Africa-based company posing as an online shopping mall called m.kilimall.co.ke.

Kilimall.in claims to reward users with R300 as a sign-up bonus, after which users can perform tasks for R10 per day.

This is how Kilimall.in / Kilimall.in earnings work

With kilimall.in you can earn money by completing tasks, inviting friends and receiving gifts. The most important thing is to upgrade your package to VIP and become a millionaire.

Register as a new user on kilimall.in and receive a welcome bonus of R300.  Once you have completed all these tasks, you need to reach the minimum threshold of R400 before you can withdraw your funds.

Who is the owner (CEO) of Kilimall.in?

Kilimall.in is owned by an unidentified South African individual. After that, there was no order information on kilimall.in, like the CEO. We will update this article if we find the owner of Kilimall.in in the future.

Reference Kilimall.in | How to make money by referral on Kilimall.in

Earn R30 every time you invite 3 people to Kilimall.in. This is like:

Go to Kilimall.in dashboard, copy your referral link and share it on facebook groups, whatsapp groups etc.

Registration kilimall.in | How to register on Kilimall

Follow this guide to register on Kilimall.in.

1. Click this link to go to Kilimal.in registration page.

2. Enter your username and phone number and click Send Confirmation.

3. Once you have the code, enter it on the kilimall.in website.

4. Enter the password to register. How to create an account on Kilimall:

Kilimall.it Login | How to get to Kilimall

Follow this guide to access kilimall.in.

1. Click this link to access Kilimal.in login page.

2. Enter your password and username and click Login. How to get to Kilimall:

Kilimall.in proof of payment

So far there is no proof of payment on this page. The main reason is that the site is new and the threshold for users to withdraw earnings has not yet been reached.

Is Kilimall.in legit or a scam?

Kilimall.in is a very complicated website. This site is weird in every way. Kilimall.in has no contacts or information. Your website looks cheap and insecure. The worst part is that no one knows who owns this website.


Thank you for reading this article and the end. That’s it for the Kilimall review. If you have anything else to add to this review, please comment below.

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