Kids Die Langston Hughes (May-2022) Complete Useful Information!

Kids Die Langston Hughes

If you are wondering about the details of Kids Die Langston Hughes, this article will help you with all the facts clarified.

Have you read the poem children die? Who is the composer of this poem? What is the bottom line of Kids Die? This article is for all our readers who have been wondering about all the answers related to this.

Kids Die is an album by Langston Hughes, a poet from the United States. This incredibly moving and powerful poem captures the attention of readers. Complete this Kids Die Langston Hughes article to the end to find all related facts.

Details on Kids Die by Langston Hughes:

Dying Children is an incredibly powerful poem about the social climate of the 1930s, the same period Hughes lived. Hence the poet has mentioned contemporary life in almost 2/3 of the poem describing the climate related to death, fear, abuse and hate.

The poet has been very specific and plays with the words in the poem. Written somewhere in 1938, this piece represents the revival of the last 10 years. These revivals spoke of black youth, their deaths, and their media coverage.

Langston Hughes Poems:

Before proceeding to the details of the poem, let’s look up some facts about the author for clarity. He is a key figure in the 1920s Harlem Renaissance that took place in New York. He has therefore had a varied career and is known for his plays, novelists, journalists, activists and poetry.

Apart from all these careers, poetry was the author’s most praised and celebrated career. Some of the author’s best poems are Let America Be America Again, I Too, Theme for English B, I Look at the World, Lullaby, and others.

Children Die Langston Hughes Summary:

Now that we have the details of the author, we can proceed to the poem summary. This describes the death and life of black and white youth. These people are young children from different parts of the world who have faced death as friends, peers, co-workers, and others.

Everyone, including the old, the young, and the rich, has taken advantage of these children, humiliated and abused them throughout their lives. The speaker also mentioned that all of this will change for the better at some point in the future. Hence, this plot is addressed in most of Langston Hughes’ poems.

The theme of the poem Children Who Die:

Going through the entire stanzas of this poem is about hierarchical power, distinction, unity and the ending. It detailed how wealthy and wealthy people have been destroying the futures of underprivileged children.

Final Verdict:

After getting the details from Hughes’ poetry, we can say that Kids Who Die is about the discrimination that poor children face because of higher power. This has also caught the attention of readers around the world.

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