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Jody Glidden

Engineer to Managing Director

Jodie Glidden is the founder and CEO of Introhive, an AI-enabled SAS platform that helps businesses grow by analyzing more customers and understanding their social profiles.

Co-founders Judy and Stuart founded Introhive in 2011 and built it into a multi-billion dollar SaaS company with about 400 employees.
It all started when many organizations realized how difficult it was to update their CRM systems.

As an engineer, Judy knows that troubleshooting data problems can take months.
But it took them nearly four years to fix this and they were constantly at loggerheads with their corporate clients for not getting enough information.

You’ve tried inbound marketing a few times and quickly stopped doing it, so they decided to outsource more business and go vertical.
The idea gave him a great opportunity, but it took him nearly three years to land his first client.

In this article, Judy and I discuss how they went from zero to $100 million over the next few years and how they overcame the biggest challenges they faced. If you’re still having this problem, these fixes and tips may help

I hope you enjoyed it!

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