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Jessica Kao

Jonah: Jess, you work at Adobe Marketo Wizards and are Analytics Manager at F5.

Jessica: I’ll tell you. I’m the director of marketing and analytics. At F5, I manage three teams: Marketing Technology, Technology Program Management, Marketing and Performance Analytics.
Understanding data models and managing all data in cloud storage is important to our role. He is the cement that unites the whole team.
Before that, I was a professional marketing consultant. Our mission is to help B2B SaaS companies and startups achieve their data goals.
I’ve been a marketer in this field for generations and have a PhD in cancer biology.

Databases offer flexibility.

Yunus: What are the limitations of taking data from different sources for analysis and analysis?
Jessica: Sales reps use CRM systems like Salesforce as a source of truth. For analytical purposes, try to go through all the prisms of your defensive weapon. All of this is hosted in our CRM and profiling tool. That was fine for a while, but at some point the data matured and using these statistical marketing techniques started to cause problems.
Moving all the data into a data family or data warehouse gives you more flexibility. CRM isn’t just about leads and contacts. It’s not just about technical applications.
In a data lake or data warehouse, data is in an open format so that it can be analyzed. It can be used as a puzzle to answer questions.
Do a marketing analysis.

Joanna: How do you focus and analyze your goals and performance?

Jessica: Before you think about research and analysis, think about your end goal. Whether it’s something as small as an A/B test or something as big as creating a recommendation form, you need to start with the end goal.
Personally, I always use an Excel spreadsheet. We designed the layout based on feedback we received from our stakeholders. I don’t want to waste time on useless analyses.

Doing this first will save you a lot of time, money, effort, and hassle.

Let’s take the example of the content panel. everyone loves you For you I think the consequences are inevitable. How content works: 10,000 downloads for content B, 2,000 downloads for content B, etc. But what are you going to do with this information? However, you can earn millions of dollars promoting your content on Google.
Model the results first to determine if your analysis is working correctly.

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