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The guide contains information about this scam. is a scam to make sure people are safe and aware.

There are different types of internet scams that target people in different ways to steal personal information and personal information. Many people from the United States report being scammed. The United States has seen a new type of fraud.

It’s called a pack the tracking scam. A new type of scam aimed at people across the United States via text messages. Many victims received fraudulent messages containing click-forced links and sent them to other websites.

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What is an Item Tracking Scam?

Item tracking Scam is the latest online scam targeting many people in the United States. Victims, also known as parcel tracking scams, receive fraudulent messages from unknown phone numbers that contain suspicious links.

The purpose of fraud is to steal victims’ personal and sensitive information. The scammer tricked the user into clicking on a suspicious link. Clicking on a hyperlink will take you to a fake website.

Recipients are asked to complete an online survey in exchange for an expensive gadget. If you receive a fake text message, please do not reply by saying it is fake.

What is an scam?

After seeing online scams, we found something special. was launched on December 17, 2021. It will end on December 17, 2022. The confidence score is 5%.

Some people reported receiving a text message to the unknown number “7027451620” indicating that the shipment was checked. A suspicious link that the recipient clicks.

It also contains the tracking number that the recipient needs to use to track the package from When the user clicks to open the link, they are taken to another website and asked to complete the online survey in exchange for expensive equipment.

When people click the link to stop the search, the scammers steal the data and use it for future scams. Therefore, it is important to stay away from scams.

What do people say about this scam?

After doing some online research on what we found, we noticed that some victims were suing online scams. They commented on the scam, asked questions, and asked for suggestions.

According to their comments, the recipient received a text message containing a code claiming to be a verification code. After copying the code and clicking the link to track the shipment, you will be redirected to an external website and asked to complete the search for expensive equipment purchases.

One user also reported that he was targeted by the scam because he was asked to complete an investigation to obtain a PS5 device. They also knew it was a Paypal scam and reported the same scam online.

Conclusion is fraudulent and illegal. Anyone who receives a fraudulent text message regarding cargo tracking should not use the link or click on the link to track the cargo as it is a scam. It is important to take steps to avoid this type of fraud.

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