Is Y2 Mate Com 2022 Download Legit or Scam!

Y2Mate.Com 2020 Download

Y2 Mate Com is a kind of website that offers unrestricted permission to import and convert videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Youku, and YouTube. Read about Y2 Mate Com 2022 Download this blog.

For the last few months, Y2Mate.Com is increasing in popularity in India. Most people refer to this website to import videos and music free without any extra charges. Due to the love and demand of customers, Y2Mate.Com is spreading widely in the whole country to import YouTube and Facebook videos.

Everyone knows that YouTube and Facebook videos are required to access or allowance to be imported. It is important to avoid the copy-rights issue. If you also want to download videos from these sources, it is important to read the reviews of Y2Mate.Com 2020 Download. Check if it is legal or not!

About Y2Mate.Com:

By using Y2Mate.Com, users can easily import videos from several social media platforms in different types of formats. In reality, it is the most popular and incredible website in today’s generation. It can download videos through several portable devices. For example, Symbian operating system supports only the Ogg format. However, some phones support only a few formats.

Similarly, most mobile phones support only 3GP format of videos. However, several YouTube videos and films are available in FLV formats on different types of websites. By using Y2Mate.Com, you can convert these unsupported formats into 8 distinctive formats.

Y2Mate.Com 2022 download allows users to select the video resolution between 144 pixels and 1080 pixels. Also, the audio quality can be obtained between 64KBPS and 128KBPS. Through these options, it becomes easy to decline the screen size of videos and file size.

Characteristics of Y2Mate.Com

  • Price: Free of cost.
  • Linking to social media: not prescribed.
  • Import YouTube Videos at:
  • Any Address: Not available on
  • Any Email ID:
  • Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy: Available but, plagiarism can be found on Y2Mate.Com.
  • Information of Owner: Not available on Y2Mate.Com.
  • Phone or Mobile Number: Not available on Y2Mate.Com.
  • Newsletter: Y2Mate.Com does not provide any newsletter.

Benefits of Y2Mate.Com 2022 Download;

  • Y2Mate.Com can easily convert videos in MOD, 3GP, MP4, WMV, WEBM, FLV, and M4V Files.
  • One can convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Youku, etc with the help of Y2Mate.Com.
  • Without any restriction, videos and music can be downloaded to your local device through Y2Mate.Com.

Disadvantages of Y2Mate.Com:

  • Y2Mate.Com is a completely unauthorized website that may violate the terms of copy-right.
  • Youku, Facebook, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc doesn’t permit Y2Mate.Com to import and convert their videos and music.

Is Y2Mate.Com Trustworthy?

  • Age of Y2Mate.Com: 5 years, 5 months, and 19 days old.
  • Date of Creation of Y2Mate.Com: 10th August 2016 at 16:44:02 Hrs
  • Trust Score: 94%
  • Expiry Date of Y2Mate.Com 2022 Download Website: 10th August 2026 at 16:44:02 Hrs.
  • Ranking of Alexa: Good rank at 264
  • Country of Origin: Panama
  • Social Media Presence: Y2Mate.Com is not available on any social media platforms.

Final Words on Y2Mate.Com:

Y2Mate.Com is an illegal website along with the trust score and ranking of Alexa. It converts and imports the content due to copyright. However, importing videos without the consent of youtube, Facebook, and another platform is a punishable offense. In such a situation, you can also see the desirable videos on their platforms.

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