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Is AyuWage a Scam or legit? (Why It Might NOT Be Worth It)

AyuWage Review

When I first visited Ayuwage.com, I honestly didn’t know what was going on.

I love finding new ways to make money online, so I decided to sign up and see for myself.

But is AyuWage a scam or a legitimate way to make money online?

Well, it might not be worth it for you, so let’s just say you really need to know what you can find there.

This AyuWage review is for those who can see and judge for themselves.
Important update: AyuWage shutdown: the best alternative!
Ayuwayi appears to have closed and another member informed me that some people had not received their payment before the site closed.

As you can see from the resume below, I think it’s only an hour in a day.

So, if you want to earn extra money online, you should use other options instead.

What is AyuWage What does this site offer?

AyuWage.com has been around since 2009.

From the looks of the site, it hasn’t been updated as the design is a bit outdated and the ease of use is not that great compared to many other online gift portals.

But of course the most important thing is how you make money with AyuWage.

When you open AyuWage’s first page, you will see “Progressive Income Paid for Internet Content Delivery”.

Option 1 – Browse the website

It turns out that the main function that AyuWage provides is to send to websites and charge for visits.

This generally requires the site to remain on the site for a certain period of time and you may need to click on ads on the website, for example.

In a way, it’s like a PTC site where you click on an ad and get permission to browse the website in just 10 seconds.

However, it is very different in that it performs a wide variety of tasks and is a bit more complex than a typical PTC site.
He says he is not feeling well now and needs to get ready again. However, I can’t find any available options in this category.

Even if you do find one, you’re honestly not going to make any money with this option.

There are too many requirements every company has to meet to get what I’m following.

It doesn’t take long, but every category is different and if you don’t understand it well, you will get a warning and you may lose your winnings.

Other image categories from 2 to 120 credits per task.

Let’s count this from $0.001 to $0.06. The prize pool is simple.

Sites like PTC don’t offer great rewards, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Option 2: Take part in paid surveys

You can also check AyuWage’s search corner.

If you’ve ever visited PaidFromSurveys.com, you’ll find this section a great way to voice your opinion and earn some extra income at the same time.

However, as soon as I saw the options there, I was immediately disappointed.

This is because most of the options have nothing to do with searching. So calling them part of the research is misleading.
This image shows a site called Survey Site. You have to deposit $10 to receive the prizes here. After that, you can get a reward of $3.1350.

This has nothing to do with paid survey sites, right?

Most of the options here are of this type of offer. Some of these can be valuable. Offer walls generally work well.

Option 3 – Share on social networks

Ayuwai has a section called “Share” where you can share SNS content and earn money.

In other words, advertisers post the link they want to share and the text they want to share.
If you do this too often, you run the risk of having your friends removed from your friends list after posting something that could be considered spam.

In my opinion, it’s not really worth it. Specifically, between $0.02 and $0.04 regardless of the recommended premium.

Option 4 – Recommend to others

Not much information about what you get, but as far as I know, you get 10% commission on the earnings of the people you refer.

This may sound funny, but think twice before sharing this link.

Is this really what you recommend? Otherwise, you may anger the person you invited.

However, AyuWage also has the ability to rent referrals, so you don’t have to invite people yourself.
Referrals can be rented for 100 credits per week.

AyuWage does not guarantee that you will get referrals for borrowing money.

A borrower is someone who joins without a referral. However, when you rent, you only get random referrals.

They may have just signed up and not use the site at all.

So keep in mind that instead of making money with this option, you may lose money.

how do they pay you?

Choosing the winner of the online lottery site is important. But how you earn your income is also very important.

Of course, you also need to know if Ayuwai pays.

At AyuWage, we earn credibility by doing business. 1 credit = $0.0005.

These credits can be used to earn, rent referrals, or buy ads on AyuWage.

The publishing method is PayPal. After earning $5, you can request payment. This is not a high threshold, but patience is always required as earning opportunities at AyuWage are limited.

There are lots of great PayPal payment sites and survey sites out there, so if you like PayPal as a giveaway, we recommend looking elsewhere.

How much money can you make?

Honestly, I don’t think you can expect much money from AyuWage. As we have seen above, some people even claim that they won’t even pay you.

Personally, I’ve come across very few opportunities, and the ones I’ve found have lower payouts than many other sites.

My biggest concern was when I saw the testimonials posted on AyuWage.com.
The image above shows one of the testimonials posted on the site. Annabelle Bellantoni likes AyuWage.

However, after doing an image search on Google, the same image appears on many other websites.

Can I use it with my phone?

ayuwage mobile site
Overall I find AyuWage difficult to use. It’s not easy to navigate and navigate, and there’s a lot of information that’s hard to find.

However, the user experience on mobile devices is poor.

In theory, you can use AyuWage on your phone, but it’s not optimized at all and doesn’t look as good on smaller screens.

Therefore, it requires a lot of scrolling when used on mobile devices.

What are the requirements to join Ayuwage?

The good thing about AyuWage is that you can register wherever you are.

But honestly, I think there are better options no matter where you’re from.

For example, you can see the best online surveys and get paid sites in your country here. In my experience, all of these options are more likely.

Can you help me

AyuWage.com has an FAQ section where you can find answers to various questions. Not perfect in my opinion, but you can find the answer here.

There is also a contact form you can submit to ask more specific questions if you need further assistance.

I don’t know how quickly they will respond, but at least I know I can contact support.

However, given the large number of complaints on the Facebook page from people unhappy with the platform, don’t expect a quick response.

Also, as you can see in the comments section below this review, a lot of people here have complained about not getting a response from support.

Final Verdict: Fraud or Law?

As far as I know, AyuWage seems to be a site where you can earn extra income and pay legally.

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