Is AppLike a Scam? – Is it Legit? You Cannot Win!

Is AppLike a Scam

Want to earn cash rewards every time you download an app or game? In this review, I would like to talk about LikeApp and give my honest opinion. really pays? Fraud or is it legal?

What is Applike?

AppLike is another popular app that rewards users for trying apps and games on their mobile devices. It is run by the German company AppLike GmbH and is somewhat similar to other apps I have reviewed in the past such as App Trailers and AppNana.

Earn points (mCoins) every time you download and use the app and redeem them for PayPal and various gift cards.

This application is available for Android devices worldwide. However, depending on your country and profile, you may not see many apps available.

Is AppLike a scam?

No, I think AppLike is legal. Looking at the Google Play platform, you can see that the app received a lot of positive ratings, but a lot of negative reviews.
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Here are some of the negative experiences people have had with it:

A man approached an mCoin number to collect $10 when he lost his cell phone and had to buy a new one. When you try to log in, your account is locked due to suspicious activity and you cannot withdraw money.
Many people block their accounts.
It takes more than a month to receive the prize.
Application recommendations are not enough.

pros and cons

Get 5555 nCoin as a signup bonus.
It is available worldwide. However, the number of requests varies by country.
Generous affiliate commissions.
Easy to use.

How does AppLike work?

Once you’ve installed AppLike and signed up for free, you’ll see a list of games and apps to choose from.

Immediately after installing the app, I see only one game available. Then I clicked “Play & Collect”, installed and opened the game.

After a few seconds, I received an AppLike notification that I had earned 99 points.

Well, since 12,669 mCoin equals £1, it turns out that I only got less than 1 cent from it. To be exact, I was paid $0.0078.

I don’t know why, but after downloading the first app, they refresh the list, then I can see 2 more apps available. Both don’t work on my old Nexus tablet.

They say their algorithm finds the right app suggestions for you based on anonymous data from all AppLike users.

The downside is that unlike other similar apps, they don’t show how many points you will earn before downloading. It’s a shame because what if the price is so small that it’s nothing to worry about?

So, once you have it installed, you should check the “active apps” section for the specific requirements you have to follow to earn your points. There they also show you how many mCoins you will get.

In the example above, they simply say, “In 00:54 minutes you will earn 99 mCoin.” But you can also find other requirements like playing the game and reaching a certain level, or getting a certain number of points.


Like most bounty apps, AppLike isn’t bad, but it takes a long time to build. Not only are the applications available, but the payouts are too low in most cases.


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