Is AppCoiner a Scam or legit? Learn the Ugly Truth Before Joining!

AppCoiner Review

AppCoiner says it’s an easy way to make money by testing apps, writing short reviews, and providing feedback.

But is AppCoiner a scam or a great and legitimate way to get paid for sharing your opinion?

Let me point out that there is a lot that you haven’t been told and what you get is very different from what the sales page promises.

This AppCoiner review reveals all the details, so you know what you’re getting yourself into before signing up.

What is AppCoiner and what does this site offer?

AppCoiner is slightly different than most of the other sites I review here at is basically a site where you can get paid to test and review apps.

It offers more than we thought and it’s not as easy as we thought, but we’ll cover all of this in detail during our review to help you get started. You will know if this is a completely legitimate and genuine way to make money or a fake site to avoid.

First let’s explain the idea behind AppCoiner.

The idea is actually very simple. You need real user reviews to find your app, and positive reviews encourage users to download and use your app.

What happens after joining the company?

Once you sign up, the promotion really begins.

At this point, provide your email. This means they can contact you with an offer and you won’t know what the email will be used for until you sign up.

When I got to the next page, it became clear that this wasn’t the free or paid survey site I usually recommend.

After going through all the sales steps on the page that appears after sending the email, full of warning signs that we will talk about later, and finally you discover that the registration is not free.

AppCoiner Notice!
As already mentioned, AppCoiner has some warning signs. For example, the fact that you are not notified that there is a fee to participate until you provide your email to register.

Red Flag N.1 – We were not told what it actually does:

It seems like all you need to do to make money with AppCoiner is to test their app and write a review. But it is not easy.

There are sites where you can get paid to download and test apps, but AppCoiner isn’t one of them.

It seems like I should write an app review instead of getting paid directly on AppCoiner. Reviews are posted on regular websites.

The idea is that these websites will attract traffic and get paid when people who visit your website click on ads with content written by you.

But this is very different from what you have been told. This means, for example, that you won’t get paid automatically when you write a review, as promised on the sales page.

Red flag n. 2 – Fraudulent Income Calculator:

On the sales page, you can first see a calculator showing how much you can earn with AppCoiner.
For example, I’ve seen similar calculators on sites like PaidSurveysAtHome. Here we were not even told in advance that we had to pay a fee to register.

The problem with calculators like these is that they can be very misleading.

This gives the impression that you can earn money very easily and quickly, but there is no guarantee that you will get this amount for every survey displayed, for example, by the calculator.

Below the calculator is also written in lower case: “This calculator should be used only as an example of the numbers that can be obtained. The results of this calculator are not representative or guaranteed.”

This clearly shows that this calculator and the possibilities it presents should not be taken into consideration.

Red Flag No. 3 – The whole business model is dangerous:

It is said that app developers have to get reviews to get caught, so they get paid to do it.

It’s true that getting reviews is important to developers and helps them get discovered. However, this enforcement deal is unlikely to be awarded in the long term because it is very risky for them to pay for it.

red flag n. 4 – You must provide an email before you see that you have to pay:

If you are used to participating in legitimate survey and review sites, you may think that by entering your email address you will be directed to the member’s area.

That’s not what happened; I think it’s a sneaky trick and a big warning sign.

If it really was a great and easy way to earn money, wouldn’t it be more transparent?

Can I make money with AppCoiner?

Is it possible to make money with AppCoiner?

In theory, you can make money by having a website with reviews and generating leads through affiliate marketing and advertising.

This is definitely a real and legal way to make money… but not as easy as AppCoiner claims. And I doubt AppCoiner’s approach will help them make much money.

However, the reviews you write are owned by someone else and you can close or delete your review at any time.

However, there are positive AppCoiner reviews online that claim to be as simple as a sales page.

Be careful not to believe blindly. Some people make money by promoting AppCoiner. We offer commissions to people who promote them and invite people to participate.

That’s why few people are willing to say what it takes to participate and earn commissions.

Final Verdict: Legitimate or Fraudulent?

So is AppCoiner legal or a scam?

So, let’s end this review by summarizing the pros and cons to get a better idea before deciding whether to sign up or not.

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