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This NY Chautauqua Foundation post will advise our perusers about the occasions regarding Sir Salman Rushdie’s assault.
Have you perused Salman Rushdie’s new book “Demon’s Corner”? Salman Rushdie was gone after on a level. The fresh insight about a renowned essayist cut in front of an audience has been broadly examined in the United States. This occasion occurred at the NY Chautauqua Institute. Kindly read this article to know who mr. Salman Rushdie in front of an audience and how this episode occurred. This post contains this large number of subtleties.


Brought into the world in Bombay, Salman Rushdie is an English-American essayist. Salman’s work is a combination of verifiable fiction and reality. Sir Salman Rushdie was killed for his book “Villain’s Corner”.

On August 12, Sir Salman Rushdie gave a discourse before an enormous crowd. He sat on the couch and hung tight to tell the crowd “The Freedom of Art”. As per the report, an individual from the NY Chautauqua occasion, the aggressor hurried to the stage and cut the columnist on numerous occasions in the neck and body.

The police are exploring

Police explored the occurrence when the gathering reached them. Police have distinguished the aggressor as Hadi Matar and are exploring his lawbreaker record and identity. The police quickly captured the aggressor. As per sources, Hadi Mathar’s web-based entertainment have demonstrated that he feels for Shia fanaticism. An individual from Salman said he was associated with a ventilator and the aggressor harmed his heart and veins.

The NY Chautauqua Institute welcomed Salman Rushdie to address the general population.

The video of the assault became famous online.

On Friday morning, the culprit was gone after by Hadi Matar as he was going to give a discourse. A video of the occasion became a web sensation via virtual entertainment, with individuals sharing their contemplations and reprimanding free discourse. Twitter was overwhelmed with tweets, and #SalmanRushdie was moving on Twitter.

One client guaranteed that it is a savage and extremely risky wrongdoing against the right to speak freely of discourse, articulation and thought. An individual who went to the occasion on Friday said the request was addressed to Salman Rushdie and condemned the NY Chautauqua Foundation initiative group.

Javed Akhtar composed on his Twitter page: “This is a terrible assault and he desires to return and request that the NYPD make areas of strength for an against the striker.


Recorded as a hard copy this exposition, we refreshed our perusers on August 12 on what occurred and gave knowledge into why Hadi Matar went after writer Salman Rushdie and individuals’ responses to viral recordings from the occasion. The connection underneath is the wellspring of this post. For additional subtleties you can actually take a look at it by tapping on the connection.

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