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Ibzstore Scam {August} Read A Comprehensive Review Here!

Ibzstore Scam

Read customer reviews on T-shirt selling website Ibz.clothing. Search search results and reviews to learn about ibzstore scams.

Are you concerned about the environment and your footprint? Do you protect the environment throughout your life, including when you buy clothes? Do you like nature? Do you like traditional simple clothes to fight climate change and global warming? Do you prefer 100 percent cotton plastic clothing?

Ibz.clothing sells organic t-shirts and accessories in the United States. For more information on Ibzstore Scam visit Ibz below. look at their clothes.

Is ibzstore legit?

Ibzstore Update: April 19, 2020 at 12:06:00 PM
Ibzstore Agetwo 10 days two years.
Ibzstore closes: 19th April 2023 12.06.09.
Ibzstore will complete its life in the next eleven months and twenty two days.
Trust Rating: Ibzstore has an average trust rating of 76%.
Market Position: Ibzstore has achieved 100 percent market position.
Proximity to suspicious sites: 11/100.
Malware attacks, phishing attacks, spam attacks and phishing attacks: 0/100.
Source: Ibzstore Registered in Canada.
Blacklist ibzstore property is not blacklisted.
Description SecurityIbzstore handles standard and secure HTTPS communication.
Check SSL on ibzstore: IP address does not have an SSL certificate.
Contact: Not available at Ibzstore.
Social Links: Ibzstore sites are not on social media.
Owner Name and Contact Information: Ibzstore has used icann.org services to protect this information.


Ibz.clothing has been operating for over two years. Here are just four types of low-profile business websites:

Manana is a three-way vintage t-shirt for day and night.
The 2022 collection includes two different tea varieties, Bossa Antonio and Bossa Antonio.
Mascara mask.
Terrace top and
Tote bag

According to ibzstore reviews, this site was created by three nature lovers who want to help reduce their carbon footprint. Ibz. clothes are environmentally friendly. “!! is a book that symbolizes happiness.

These t-shirts are designed by Ibz.clothing. The t-shirts are specially made from high quality cotton that is plastic, vegan and PETA certified. The tee is a relaxed style with attention to detail.


Buy T-shirts: https://ibz.clothing.
Social Media Link: Not available on Ibzstore.
Price: PS9.99 to PS26.99
Physical address: St N Williams Williams, St Williams Street, Ibzstore was investigated to confirm the fraud.
Phone (o) WhatsApp phone number is an eight digit contact number registered by Ibzstore at +44 (0) 20 3286 7011.
Email address info@ibz.clothing.
Client View and Blogs: Not supported by Ibzstore.
General Terms and Conditions These are detailed in Ibzstore.
Privacy Policy set forth in Ibzstore.
The ibzstore search engine did not return a store address.
Delivery Order Ibzstore will deliver the t-shirts within 10 days.
Delivery Method: Ibzstore ships via Royal Mail. Standard shipping cost to Europe is PS7.60. EU customers in the US. PS5.00 and PS9.00 worldwide
Search: Not available on Ibzstore.
Ibzstore does not have a written return policy, but Ibzstore is not responsible for any errors.
Return Policy: Ibzstore allows 14 days to exchange clothes. Customer must request a refund by emailing Ibzstore.
Return Policy: Ibzstore has no return policy. However, Ibzstore will refund the refund to the payment method used for the original transaction.
Payment Method: GBP via PayPal, GPay, ApplePay, Visa and MasterCard.
Newspapers: Sponsored by Ibzstore.
Help and FAQs are not available on Ibzstore.

Advantages: 1.1.

Ibz.clothing offers free UK delivery
Ibz.clothing is offering 11% discount on all t-shirts
Ibz.clothing has a simple and easy-to-use interface with customization options
T-shirt specs and photos available at Ibz.clothing
T-shirts come in x-small and 2x sizes

Disadvantages of Ibzstore fraud detection:

T-shirt sizes may vary according to international standards.
Credit card payment options are not available in some Ibz.clothing countries.
Search and filter options are not available on Ibz.clothing
Ibz.clothing has only 4 categories which limits the customer’s choices
Ibz.clothing offers discounted online inventory tracking and management that allows users to purchase the same product 9999 times.

Customer reviews:

ibz.clothing has only two positive reviews online. Product reviews do not appear on Ibz.clothing. Ibz.clothing has no customer reviews anywhere online. Ibz.clothing does not have an Alexa rating. This means that PayPal Fraudsas Ibzstore accepts PayPal payments.


Ibzstore’s fraud analysis revealed that Ibz.clothing is a legitimate site due to its credibility and activity level. But two years later, Ibz.clothing could no longer maintain its Alexa rank. Ibz.clothing is not the main suspect in the report. Due to the lack of shipping confirmation from the customer, we encourage you to consider other alternatives before purchasing from ibz.clothing. Credit Card Fraud Laws Credit Card Fraud Laws Ibzstore accepts payments by credit card.

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