How Many Votes Did Hunter Girl Get (May-2022) Know The Updated Info!

How Many Votes Did Hunter Girl Get

For more information, see this article below. How many votes did Hunter Girl get?
Did you know that American Idol is considered the greatest singing reality show in the world? American Idol is a popular television series in the United States. Aspiring singers who dream of being singers compete to impress the judges and win the finals.

Recently, the season 20 finale sparked controversy after Noah Thompson won the show. Read this article about how many votes Hunter Girl got.

Why is it trending?

On May 22, 2022, ABC premiered the season 20 finale of American Idol and over 6 million fans watched the show. Noah Thompson, 20, won the season after receiving more votes than runner-up Hunter Girl.

Country singer Noah Thomson is from Kentucky and worked as a bricklayer before the show. Although Hunter Girl, 23, is also a country singer, she won the judges’ hearts all season. However, the results were in Noah Thompson’s favour, with Hunter Girl taking second place and Leah Marlene third. Although there is no official data on voting for the hunter girl.

How close were the votes on American Idol?

Although the moment leading up to the announcement split fans into two camps, many believed that Hunter Girl would be the winner. Because it’s been doing pretty well all season, and even Luke Bryan has previously hinted that this season could have a country singer as the winner.

However, many viewers were stunned when show host Ryan Seacrest revealed the name of silver envelope winner Noah Thompson. Ryan announced that Noah became the winner after receiving 16 million votes for him. But how many votes did Hunter Girl get? It is unclear.

Public reaction

Noah Thompson received a higher vote percentage than Hunter Girl and won the show.

However, hundreds of fans were not happy with the results and accused the show of being “rigged”.

One wrote: “I don’t hate Noah but he doesn’t have the star quality that Hunter Girl has.”

Another defendant: “When he won the TV show American Idol, he showed that his voting system is totally rigged and unfair.”

As many people have accused the show of, the reality is that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses; They all have the same talent and deserve all respect. Despite seeing how close the votes were on American Idol and his name being announced as the winner, Noah got emotional on stage.

Final Verdict

In short, American Idol is one of the most watched reality shows in the United States. Thus, the show’s 20th season premiered Sunday on ABC, and the show’s final results became a hot topic among fans.

Noah Thompson won the show’s 20th edition while Hunter Girl came in second.

After the show, Noah said, “My heart is beating out of my chest; that’s crazy. Read more details here

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