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Horace Wolf Reviews (June 2022) Is It A Legit Website?

Horace Wolf Reviews

If you are a potential online shopper, read these reviews about Horace Wolf offering great deals. So look, is it safe to buy or not?

If you love shopping for electronics online, you’ve already heard of Horace Wolf. If so, you will probably find this site to be great as it provides plenty of information on all products. So you think it’s legal? Or are you looking for genuine reviews that tell you about its legitimacy?

Regardless of your questions about this site, we will share all the latest information we have confirmed with US and UK audiences. This will help you decide if you want to shop at this store or not. Let’s read Horace Wolf’s reviews.

What is Horace Wolf?

Horace Wolf is an e-commerce platform for electronics products. It was founded in 2018 and has the honor of offering consumers quality products at a great price. According to the About Us page, their goal is to sell the products at a cost-effective price to ensure that the technology benefits everyone.

You will find a variety of products on the site such as electronic grinders, fashion, kitchenware, jewelry and more. Besides, they were all very good, that is. 19 USD – 50 USD. We’re all excited about those amazing deals, but is Horace Wolf legitimate? Let’s see what happens.

Illustrations by Horace Wolf

Official website URL – https://www.horacewolf.com/
Customer Service Email – Support@horacewolf.com
Website Type – Ecommerce
Payment options – Visa, MasterCard and PayPal
Social media presence – no
Physical address – not listed
Schedule – L-V (9.00-17.00) .
Contact number – not listed
Privacy Policy – mentioned, but vague.
Money Back Policy – branded and offers a 14-day money back guarantee.
Delivery Policy – 3-4 weeks, 3-10 days delivery processing with 4ps delivery.

Advantages of Horace Wolf

Free worldwide shipping
Easy payment option
Classification of products
Special discounts are possible

Damage to Horace Wolf

Negative comments about old man Horace
The website does not disclose the details of the website owners
Missing contact number
The domain is associated with several countries, a symptom of a fraudulent website

How do you place your order for Horace Wolf?

To place the order with Horace Wolf, follow the steps shown.

Go to the official website and create your account.
Enter your email address here and attach a password.
Once the email is confirmed, you can place your order without any problems.
However, you can place your order without creating an account as a guest shopper. However, the site indicates that a member may benefit from verification.

Is Horace Wolf legal?

The age of the database domain is one year and seven days. Created on 2020-11-1
The site represents too many good deals, which signals a catch and most fall easily.
The confidence index for Horace Wolf is 1%, which is terrible.
Horace’s estate is connected to the estates of several countries and falls under the category of fraud.
Customer service email refers to a free email service that does not respond to your requests.
The website has poor Alexa rankings, that is. 1 070 836 total.
There are no social media accounts on his official website.
Using the clues provided, you can easily identify a highly suspicious website.

What are the reviews about Horace Wolf?

To get a clear idea, I took a closer look at this page and found that the page looks like a scam. Instead of a reputable website, I found no customer reviews on its official website and other social media platforms. These people claim that the website is a total scam because they don’t answer your questions or even give you confirmation to confirm the order.

Additionally, no one has received their orders yet. They carry tracking information, but this only shows a 3-4 day delivery time. We can say that in a situation like this, you should not act from the sidelines. More importantly, the website does not list their physical address and contact information.

Much about Horace Wolf Reviews is fair, beware of such scam sites and don’t fall into scam traps and know how to spot scam sites

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The key point

Shopping online is easy as long as you do it from a real website. Therefore, we can conclude that Horace Wolf is not legal with the above information. This is a big scam that works on a good good business system. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you verify the authenticity of the website before purchasing. =

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