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Hoooyi Reviews {June 2022} Find If The Site Legit Or Not

Hoooyi Reviews

The purpose of this article, Hoooyi Reviews, is to give our users an overview of trustworthiness and to help users find a legitimate site.

Did you notice a light cotton shirt with light stripes on the rolls? Or did you find that the hood you always want to buy is sold on Hooyi.com and you’re looking for a quick overview before you rush to pay? Yes! Before you act, it’s important to know the credibility of your site.

Here are some reviews of Hoooyi’s reviews. This is a small attempt to help you with some basic details. The e-commerce store portal was founded in the United States and is known for its menswear.

What is Hooyi.com?

The online shopping platform offers a wide range of T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, trousers and double clothing for men.

The portals have a strong sense of design, from stylish flowers to bright stripes, from bright shades to sober. Nice fabric, temperamental to wear, suitable for young men today.

But before we get to the colorful description, we ask an important question: is Hoooyi Legit like a scam?

Hooyi.com Preliminary Survey:

Website URL https://www.hoooyi.com/
Domain start date – it was started on -26-8-2020
Domain expiration date – The Internet domain will expire on 26-08-2026
Email address- hi@hoooyi.com
The sellers of the official address could not find a map or store address anywhere on the site.
Telephone number Consumers cannot resolve the problem by contacting customer service because they do not have a contact number.

Delivery policy – This is different for UK, US, AUS, CAN and international orders, but 15-30 days for India.
Shipping costs will be reimbursed according to the weight of the package.
Free delivery – delivered only to selected goods.
Return Policy – A 15-day return policy is available.
Social Media Icons – Hoooyi Reviews displays websites with social media logos.
Refund Policy – Buyers will receive a full refund within certain business days.

Irreversible items not listed anywhere on the site.
Cancellation Policy – Not Specified.
Payment methods – PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, etc.

Some aspects of Hoooyi.com-

It allows for several payment methods that are easily accessible to consumers.
Friendly policies are available for different buyers such as returns, refunds, etc.

Aspects of rejecting Hoooyi.com

You can’t find an official phone number or address anywhere on the website.
The e-commerce portal does not say the name of its owner.

Details of duties, benefits, etc. were not mentioned there.
It’s missing from the Alexa leaderboard.
Domain has a weak trust index.

Some technical references to answer your question: is Hoooyi legitimate?

Frequent online shoppers should check all the trusted sites on the site to save themselves a huge amount of money. So here we discuss the important points to get all the details of the domain. we show

The site was created on 26/8/2020 and is 1 year, 5 months, and 25 days old.
The portal will disappear on August 26, 2026.
The confidence score is only 14%, below average and leaves a negative impact.
We’ve found that the domain copied 90% of the topic from another similar site.

According to Hoooy, the product was of poor quality, the return did not work, and the site closed the account.

Owner information is not listed anywhere on.
The website has Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube social media logos. Logos work. Facebook has over 2,000 followers. The ad sites are active and have received reviews.
We couldn’t find the Alexa leaderboard for your website.
Most importantly, the domain creates separate pages for each policy.
Based on the details above, we’re not sure if the site is as real as the copy domain.

Do you know anyone who posted a Hoooy review?

After checking some models, Hoooyi.com seems to work, but when there is no address and phone number, customers will have trouble returning and refunding. However, we have received disagreements from users of chat sites and other review sites. Consumers need to check – everything you need to know about credit card fraud.

It has incredible scores, which includes many consumers who do not trust it. Although it does not create as many connections; Alexal did not step on him.


Hoooy review description helps customers understand the brand. Check out some offers from Hooyi – Sunflower Graphic Print Summer Shirts and check out a detailed PayPal Refund if it’s a scam before work.

Do you have any experience with digital scams? Please let us know.

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