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Rundown of Honey Don’t Go

A serious fire obliterated all that and cleared out Nicole’s adoration for Samuel. After five years, she was presently not insane and humble in light of affection. At the point when she returned before him, she needed to retaliate for and put the relationship down. (Honey Don’t Go Novel)

Sections of Honey Don’t Go

Section 1 Our Relationship Ought to Be Finished

Nicole was shocked when she got the pregnancy test results.

She was pregnant!

She was pregnant with Samuel’s child!

She joyfully took the pregnancy test results and went out. She can hardly stand by to tell Samuel the uplifting news, yet she saw a natural figure passing by when she was in the corner.


Samuel’s most memorable love? She was back!

Nicole immediately followed her and she observed that Samuel, who should be in the organization, was with her. He embraced her cautiously. Also, contingent upon the size of her stomach, she has been pregnant for over five months.

“Samuel, I’m fine. You don’t need to be apprehensive. Our child is fine.”

We would be wise to check it before we can have confidence. All things considered, this child is the primary grandson of the Green Family. He can’t have a mishap.”

Riley grinned like a blossom. What’s more, Samuel was delicate as water. This scene hurt Nicole profoundly.

“What’s going on with you?”

Nicole grasped the pregnancy test. Her nails pierced her palm through the paper, yet it was short of what one-10th of the aggravation in her heart.

Her body was difficult to imagine. To have a child for Samuel, she took a ton of medication and went to every one of the emergency clinics in the beyond three years. She nearly passed on a few times, yet she didn’t anticipate seeing Riley pregnant with Samuel’s child on the day she discovered that she was pregnant.

“What are you doing here?”

Samuel’s eyebrows unexpectedly crumpled, and his delicate eyes just became savage and apathetic. The air around him appeared to be getting cold.

Nicole saw his mentality change and can’t resist the urge to ask him.

“What am I doing here? Samuel, I’m your better half. You’re here with your escort with a pregnancy test. You ask me for what good reason I’m here?”

Her doubting pulled in a horde of individuals around her.

Riley burst out crying.

“Samuel, Please accept my apologies. It’s my misstep. On the off chance that I didn’t return and enlighten you concerning the child or I had an early termination, Nicole will not get you wrong. Please accept my apologies, it’s all my shortcoming.”

With that, Riley dismissed and ran.

“Jacob, follow Miss George and watch out the child in her midsection. Assuming something happened to her child, I will rebuff you.”

Samuel’s voice was somewhat stressed. His right hand, Jacob, immediately followed.

Nicole just felt hard to inhale, and Samuel never gave her that sort of care.

“Samuel, you charlatan!”

She abruptly lifted her hand and attempted to slap Samuel hard, yet she didn’t anticipate being halted midway. His solidarity made her grimace in torment.

“Nicole, when you moved into my bed a long time back and constrained me to wed you, you ought to realize that I can’t give you the affection you need in this marriage. I caution you. Riley’s child is honorable and grandson of the Green Family. If you think it wise to hurt her, don’t fault me for being barbarous to you.”

Samuel got done and driven Nicole away.

Nicole can’t stand and anywhere close to fell. She held onto the wall in a rush. The pregnancy test in her grasp was gradually displayed before Samuel.

“Is it true or not that you are pregnant?”

Samuel’s eyes were dazed briefly.

Yet, Nicole snickered and her tears ran down the edge of her eyes.

“Do you give it a second thought? I made sense of it for you a long time back, however you didn’t trust it. Regardless of the fact that I am so great to you, you choose not to see. Presently your most memorable love even has your child. Samuel, I love you, however I likewise have respect and pride! I will have an early termination. It’s the ideal opportunity for us to wrap up.”

Nicole was sorrowful however she pivoted and left solidly.

Samuel’s eyes became dim.

He immediately ventured forward and chose up Nicole and strolled from the emergency clinic.

“Nicole, who do you assume you are? You constrained me to wed you, however you don’t need this child now. Do you suppose I have an agreeable nature and can be prodded by you? I’ll choose if you can have this child!”

“Samuel, let me go! He is my child. He doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

Nicole battled furiously, yet she can’t dispose of Samuel’s shackles.

“Your child? Might you at any point replicate abiogenetically without me? Nicole, you would be advised to not drive me crazy right now!”

Samuel squinted. His cool breath unexpectedly wrapped all over and was exceptionally discouraging.

All of a sudden his telephone rang.

Samuel put Nicole down to pick up the telephone, however he snatched her with one hand.

Nicole can’t resist the urge to feel miserable.

Each time she would have a deception, that Samuel really thought often about her pretty much, very much like at this point.

“What did you say? Riley will commit suicide? Control her. I’ll be there in a jiffy!”

Samuel unexpectedly got anxious. Nicole’s warm heart started to chill off.

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