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Pets Write For Us


Newly arrived:

For more than 15 years, PetPlace has brought together thousands of pet lovers and professionals. We have nearly 1,000,000 unique visitors to our blog each month and 400,000 subscribers to our newsletter, building a large following on all major social media platforms.

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Guest author posts contain links to websites or social media profiles, both selected by the editors and available to PetPlus newsletter subscribers and/or social media subscribers.

he becomes a player

Reading a paper is exhausting even for medical students! PetPlus content is aimed at both new pet owners and experienced professionals.

Be creative and try something new.

Check out the PetPlus library and see that our contributors have published a lot of great content over the years. This does not mean that everything is included. Petplace is always interested in articles that find new ways to explore eco-friendly topics. So if you have an idea for an editor, don’t hesitate to send it.

Collision avoidance:

Petplace aims to cover a wide range of topics and ideas. However, the publisher declined to comment on the controversial matter. For example, articles promoting trauma care or public safety are more likely to be accepted by PetPlace than articles about the importance of listening. If you are concerned that the content is disturbing, please write objectively.

Please help me with the program.

Guest authors may submit articles of 650-2000 words. A short biography of the author and a high-quality photo are good, but not mandatory.
All entries must be original, preferably published on PetPlus.
PetPlus editors reserve the right to make necessary changes to works submitted by guest authors.

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