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Hivenmax Reviews {June 2022} Checkout Legitimacy of Portal!

Hivenmax Reviews

Hivenmax The real research in this sentence is about a website that offers men’s clothing and apparel.

Today, we are about to meet a new retailer called Hivenmax. The Hivenmax store is world famous for its men’s collections. But in this e-store, shoppers will find everything related to men’s clothing, such as leather jackets, shoes, T-shirts, pants, etc., at a cost tight.

The store has provided special offers for its products, so if you are interested, read the Hivenmax reviews to find out the truth.

What is Hivenmax?

According to our research, web sites attract customers from all over the world. In addition, the website offers new games. Consumers can get the clothes and accessories they need from the Hivenmax store, because there is a team of professionals in the store.

In addition, Hivenmax is a men’s website where you can find beautiful designs such as shoes, belts, pants, jackets, hats, shorts, pants and dress shirts, and outerwear, etc.

The website offers a variety of discounts, including 5% discount on the first order. $ 5 off orders over $ 59, $ 15 off orders over $ 149 and more.

But is Hivenmax legal?

What are the characteristics of Hivenmax?

Site Name – https://www.hivenmax.com/
Date – 18/01/2021
Email status – service@hivenmax.com
Call number – not indicated
Office – Building 702.7 / F, No.53-55 Lockhart Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Orders over $ 79 must be shipped free
Delivery time – 5-12 working days
Return – within 30 business days
Refunds – not to mention
Payment methods – VISA, MasterCard and PayPal
Newspapers – not to mention
Consider reading Hivenmax customer reviews before publishing your card details.

What are the benefits of buying from Hivenmax?

The website is secured over HTTPS.
Recommendations from users of the site.
Shipping is free over $ 79.
The website has many stylish products for men.
It offers specialized sales of its products.
Having an email ID associated with the name is a good sign.

What are the disadvantages of buying from Hivenmax?

The website does not provide a contact number.
He is less than a year old.
The media is lying.
The process of repayment and recovery from the site is complex.

Is Hivenmax legal?

In this case, people will learn the advantages of a website as scams increase online. It is recommended that you review all available information before providing your card information at any anonymous store to avoid fraud.

Please find the court below.

Website Date – The name of this website was created from 18.01.2021.
Disable Website Use – Only website name is valid until 18.01.2022.

User inspection-Quality Hivenmax inspection of the site. But there are some negative reviews of Trustpilot.

Social Media Links – These links are said to be fake because they take you to another landing page, but we also found their Facebook page officially in our search.
Quality Assurance – The quality of your website is not good.
Alexa Rank – The Alexa Rank of the site is 337,224.
Data reliability – data reliability is 1%.
Reliability Score – The website has a reliability rating of 8.6%.
Reality – Fantastic discounts on site.
Originality of promotion – The company website seems to have been mentioned at the beginning.

What do Hivenmax customers say?

The website has received positive feedback from its users on its website, where people have shown off the quality of the fabric and its unique design.

On the other hand, I got a review from a trusted data source called Trustpilot, which caused a bad message. For example, people who do not ask about this site write to people, and what they say about the site is a scam.

Even though it came from the official Facebook page, I received some complaints, as users announced that it had not received its product.

The final decision

At the conclusion of the Hivenmax reviews, this clothing site seems to have a question because it has received negative reviews from customers. Furthermore, you agree to investigate all methods available on your site and must pass all tests before purchasing from this online store.

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