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Gymbym Reviews {Update} Is It A Scam Or Legit Website?

Gymbym Reviews

Read this article to learn about Kimbym Reviews, an online marketplace for fitness equipment and drugs.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you want to buy exercise equipment to get in shape? Looking for an online platform that sells quality fitness equipment? So immediately go to this post and get the information you need.

Today’s post describes a recently launched virtual platform for university-related publications. Healthcare professionals in the US are excited about this new platform. So read on to find out Kimbym’s reviews.

What is a fitness center?

Kimmym is an online shopping portal dedicated to fitness related gadgets. Other items include treadmills, kettlebells, adhesive pads, exercise pads and more. In addition, the store carries sports medicine and cardio equipment. The drug is available from various pharmaceutical brands.

Specific Details

Site Type – An online marketing platform offering fitness equipment and nutritional supplements.
Website address – https://www.gymbym.com/
Email is sales@gymbym.com
Store location: 30921 S, 510 R.D. Park Hill, OK-74451
Phone number – missing
Social Media Links – Bad. Can My Legit try to attract customers without adding working links strongly answer your question.
Return and refund information – The return period is fourteen days from the date of purchase. The developers did not reveal the exact end date of the refund process.
Terms of Service – Applicable
Decree on the protection of personal information – Attached
Choice Type – Current
Submission Terms: This site does not have a separate terms page for submissions. However, the website mentions free door-to-door shipping and the landing page shows free shipping over $40.
Filtering method – .
Prices in US dollars.
Payment options – Visa, JCB, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and many more. Credit card and PayPal.


Based on our reviews, we found these positive attributes of this site.

This site has a large collection of playgrounds.
The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages contain all relevant information.


Based on our review of this website, it has the following.

This portal does not have shipping order details. The relevant page contains returns and refunds instead of shipping information.
Social media icons are misleading and do not open accounts.
The age of this portal is very reliable.
The physical address mentioned in the store at the top of the website.

Is mine legal?

We searched various open sources online to gather the information below. These factors help determine whether this platform is useful or not.

Forum Age – This online store has eighteen days in a month. The developers created the website on July 21, 2022.
The site has a trust rating of 27%, which is a poor trust indicator.
Social Media Links – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media icons are available in the ‘Follow Us’ section. These links do not work and do not lead to any website.
Alexa Rating – There is no rating information for this platform in the Alexa database.
My reviews: Most articles in this forum have high ratings, but no text reviews.
Reliability of contact information – After internet connection, the address given is a three bedroom house. So I don’t think it’s an online platform store or warehouse. In addition, the group did not provide phone numbers or contact numbers for the owners.
There is no separate shipping order page – the shipping order page contains replies and returns.
Fake News – Homepage Removed news
Our research shows that this platform is controversial. But because it is new, we do not appreciate its originality.

Gymbym’s remarks

I don’t see any comments. About this platform in popular review forums, so obviously customers don’t find a site that is reliable enough to make a purchase. As a result, they do not publish reviews about the store’s products or services. In addition, products on this platform have a high rating but do not have a text description. It’s hard to trust these estimates without a documented assessment, so we recommend you read How to get a refund from PayPal if you’ve been scammed for security reasons.


We were unable to locate Gymbym’s written records, so we could not determine their authenticity. for protection We recommend that you learn how to get money back on your credit card. You can also read about the best exercise equipment to install in your home.

Have you ever purchased equipment from this store? Please write in the section below.

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