Gumtree Delivery Scam {Update} Know The Entire Facts Here!

Gumtree Delivery Scam

Read the unique facts about the Gumtree delivery scam like no other. You’ll also learn how scams are designed to evade innocent users.

Did you know about the Gum Tree Scam that started in England? Soon after it was conceived, the scam spread to different parts of the world, including Australia, Africa, and Scotland. Want to learn more about the Gumtree scam?

Let’s see how scammers target her Gumtree users who steal money from innocent customer accounts with phishing scams. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from Gumtree distribution scams.

About the Gumtree Scam;

Transactions are between individual buyers and sellers, with the buyer paying with her Gumtree payment link and sharing it with the seller. The seller can click on the link and receive the money in their bank account. Once payment is processed, Gumtree will arrange a courier service to collect the product from the seller’s location within her three days.

The goal of the Gumtree scam is to gain the trust of the seller by posting a notice that the buyer has paid. If the seller is comfortable, it will close.

How does the Gumtree delivery scam work?

Gumtree is a global third-party platform that connects sellers and buyers. Allows free users to publish their products on the site. Individual, independent buyers review products and submit offers to buy.

His website at Gumtree has different domain URLs for different countries. For example, gumtree in the UK is in Africa and in Australia.

Scammers used URL variations to create duplicate URLs such as The scammer contacts individual sellers via WhatsApp, telling them they paid for the product (Gumtree delivery scam), and the seller clicks a link on her website to receive the money.

His WhatsApp link mentioned above requires the merchant to enter their card details. But instead of receiving the money, the seller pays the crook out of his own account.

Rubber tree fraud protection;

Gumtree advises users not to click on links received in WhatsApp messages and not to enter bank or card details into fraudulent URLs.

In Scotland, a consumer can call her at 0 (808) 164-6000 to report her unauthorized Gumtree delivery messages. If a shopper loses money, they can call 101 to report it to the Scottish Police.

UK users can learn more about how to avoid her Gumtree scam at You can also report phishing to the NFCCRC at or he can call 0 (300) 123-2040.


Gumtree does not provide shipping or pickup services. Gumtree organizes the collection with the help of his shipping partner, parcel2go. Providing bank account and card information on her former girlfriend’s Gumtree website and app is generally safe. However, make sure to enter your details on the official Gumtree website.

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