Gladys Ricart Video Original – How Did Gladys Die

Gladys Ricart Video Original

How did Gladys Rickert die?

When Gladys Rickert of Ridgefield, Virginia, married the love of her life on September 26, 1999, she was filled with excitement and anticipation. Gladys, 39, has changed her mind. Her bride is ready to go to church in a beautiful wedding dress full of flowers.
During her family and wedding party, a man dressed in her 1940s clothes comes to her door and tells Gladys that he wants to date her, and

her family unexpectedly meets at her house. .

But this man’s heart was not pure. Without warning, he reached into his backpack, pulled out a .38 revolver, and before Gladys or anyone else in her room could react, the man fired three shots in front of the wounded family members. bottom.
The violence of this stranger ruins the happiest day of Gladys’ life, her wedding day. Killing him is a reminder of the dire consequences of violence. And pay attention and understand the people around you
An investigation into his death was launched immediately. After the incident, authorities identified the suspect as Agustín Garcia.

Wiki and Biography of Gladys Rickert

My name is Gladys Rickert.
Family Name: Gladys
young woman
Date of birth: July 20th
he is 33 years old.
handicrafts, bread
mother tongue
christianity is a religion
american citizenship
ethnic bread
bread means money
5 feet 6 inches tall

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