Game of Khans Gift Codes 2022 Wiki {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

Game of Khans Gift Codes 2022 Wiki

Have you started playing Han of Game and want to know how to get and repurchase prize numbers? Read Han on Game gift codes to redeem gift packages

Purchasing Khan Gaming Gift Codes Like most new mobile games, the Hans game includes bonus codes that allow users to purchase special gifts for free. To clear the code, the player must click on the “Khan” avatar in the upper left corner of the game screen. Then click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of Khan’s profile page -> click on the “gift code” button -> enter the number and click on the details button. Then go to the game community menu and open the email app to get rewards. In this article, we have listed all the useful Game of Khan numbers.

Hans Wiki game gift codes
lovegamble: X special value. Copy this code: –

Khans 2022⇓ Gift Code for the game

lovegamble: replace this code with diamonds and special gifts X
gameofhans: Buy this gift code for Diamond X200, X1 Calling Stamp, X1 Low Money Coupon, X1 Bottom Low Stamp, and X1 Talent Pendulum
love2021: Buy this Gift Code: X200 Diamond, X2 Vigor Tablet, X2 Pearl Earrings, X1 Gold Earrings & Magic Box
Tank Game: Swap this gift with X188 Diamond, X1 Fishing Nets, X1 Collection Card, X1 Vacation Shield and 1 Call Stamp.

The same rules as before. If you know a lot of numbers, say them in words.

Expiration Code

May 2021: Remove the special diamond and X gift code

How do I reset a value code?

To use the Game of Khan gift code, go to game -> gift code -> enter this number. After purchase, click the “Contact” button in the corner of the home screen -> Go to Mailbox -> Open the gift email with the gift code -> Cancel the gift.

How do I get a gift code?

Han of Game players can take advantage of new numbers by following the gaming community sites. We invite you to watch Han in the game on FB and join the group to see all the songs. Please visit the website – we will update as soon as the new edition appears.

Note that this is not a hack or fraud code. This rule is provided by GoK developers.

All Khan gift codes have been collected here so far. If you know of any other repurchases, please let them know in the comments below so other players can receive the prize as well.

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