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Fleetfinder com

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In the 21st century, people are starting to use modern methods to make complex tasks easier. GPS tracking is also one of the best inventions for location tracking. Therefore, as many US network users wish, we will cover all about Fleetfinder com in this collection. So if you can’t wait to find out the truth, get religious with this post.

Portal evaluation

When we look at the official website, we see that it is not open; Therefore, the details of this article are taken from online sources. Portal is a provider of GPS and fleet control that monitors the current connection status.

In addition, the site specializes in temperature, GPS tracking, fuel and fleet maintenance. Let’s cover more topics related to entrepreneurship in the next section.

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The company belongs to the IT consulting and services sector.
One general lesson suggests that maybe 201-500 employees do the job.
Morten Callesen is the company’s CEO and Rich Camacho is an accountant.
Now let’s talk about customer feedback on in the next section. It is therefore advisable to stick to other sections.

How do people react to this?

After we found the Facebook profile, we received comments that only gave us a 5 star rating. Trustpilot did not comment. In the next section, we will see how ABAX Denmark integrates with

ABAX flotfinder connection with Denmark

We learned from the company’s Facebook post that the company arrived at ABAX Denmark in late 2017. Additionally, the news outlet said the union would appeal to both groups.

Also, their team will continue to exist, but they have expanded their services to provide better advice to their audience. The ABAX team was recently recognized by the industry at the UK Fleet Awards in 2022. Now let’s move on to another Fleetfinder com.

The point is to find legitimacy

Domain Registration Date: Our search shows that the website was created on 14-8-1998.
Alexa Rank: 9,725,053 maintained for this portal.
Confidence score – 80% excellent score.
Site Blocking Date: Page valid from 13-08-2023.
Trusted reviews – Trustpilot reviews are not available for this portal, as we mentioned above.
Trusted Position – The page doesn’t rank at all.


This post attests to the authenticity of GPS service providers and fleet management. So after searching on Fleetfinder com we saw that the website was not opening. We also saw that ABAX was awarded for outstanding service in Denmark.

Learn more about this company here

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