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Evonms Scam {June} Is This An Answer To It? Check Here!

Evonms Scam

Evonms Scam (June 2021) Website Search Easy and Fast! >> These articles will help you learn about the credibility of websites that sell a wide range of products.

Will you buy from Evonms? If so, please join this review to learn more about this online store.

Today, most people practice at home because of their busy schedule. In the United States, however, people are concerned about their health and safety. Therefore, they are looking for fitness equipment to control the body. At the Evonms store, people can get fitness equipment at great discounts.

If you like e-commerce and want to know more about Evonms Scam, read on.

Are Evonms legal?

For customers, we have done in-depth research at the Evonms store. In research, we found that websites offer a wide range of products and offer great discounts on all purchases.

Let’s look at the following tips for trusting websites:

Domain- The domain was confirmed on 15/06/2021.
The registration date of the first website is valid for one year only; 15.06.2022.

Buyer Information – There are no Evonms reviews available on a legitimate website.

Popular- Only limited information is available on the external portals of the website. As a result, e-shops are not popular.
Business address – Contact information was incorrect.
The quality of the printed material is plagiarism.
Online Review Portals – No comments available for current comment posts like Trustpilot.
An online store with reliable results gets a 1% trust rating.
Social media – special communication leads you to the social media user’s website. As a result, the site is not well linked.
Reliable position – a reliable rating of 4.5 / 100.
So like the comment above, then it looks quite hairy. So let’s read on to find out if Evonms Scam or not.

What is Evonms?

Evonms is a US-based online shopping portal. The site covers various things like home fitness equipment, kayaks, cassette kits, electronics and various bags like gloves, suitcases, belts and more.

Moreover, the site offers a special discount of 15% on all their products. So now you can create your own home gym at an affordable price. But before you do everything, make sure you express your doubts about Evonms Scam or not.

What are the specifics of Evonms?

Website URL – https://www.evonms.com
Products – various items
Date of creation of the domain-15/06/2021
Email – contact@evonms.com
Call (903) 292-9660
Address – 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, MN 55356 US
Free shipping on all orders over $ 40.
Delivery time-15-30 working days
Return or exchange within 30 days
Delivery date – 5-7 working days
Discount – Available
Bulletin – not provided
Order tracking – no data reported
History of orders no
Payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express
Guarantee no
Please read the Evonms Scam report to receive feedback from customers.

Are Evonms honest eyes?

This site is protected by SSL.
Customers immediately receive a 15% discount on the new product.
You can also deliver the goods within 30 working days.

The website collects many different items from different bags here.

What is Evanms?

Has received negative feedback from consumers.
It does not exist on social media.
Reported addresses and telephone numbers were obtained.
The user interface of the website is not attractive.

What are Evonm buyers’ ratings?

In fact, on the official website, there are no pages for user comments. However, the internet has negative reviews for users.

In detail, people said the price of the product seemed inaccurate, while others said the address and phone number were incorrect.

As a result, consumers seem to be very disappointed with the site. Read here if you want to know about PayPal scams and how to get a refund.

Final decision

At the end of this post on Evonms Scam, this site, which offers training equipment, is not a real shop based on all the information mentioned above. Additionally, the site received negative feedback, as customers claimed the site was suspicious and fraudulent.

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy from the Evonms store, և if you still have doubts, check for any recommendations. Also, here you can learn about credit card fraud and ways to get your money back.

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