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Eastlink Scam

Are Eastlink Paid SMS Messages Legitimate or Scams?

Eastlink will send you important account information. Additional information and invoices are provided to consumers via SMS or email, while online scammers provide payment information and invoices via SMS. Some scammers now use SMS.
Several people have recently received text messages from Eastling regarding unpaid taxes. Many people click on URLs and don’t realize they need them. Scammers often use hidden resources.

Project name Eastlink

Soon people will be able to share fake news on Reddit and social media. If you see a file or URL like Eastlink in your SMS or email. someone promised you This puts your personal information at risk.
The company did not forward the fake message sent by Eastlink. This is a scam by people trying to steal your information. If you receive an unexpected e-mail from Eastlink or any other person, please contact that company to verify that the e-mail is genuine.

How can I avoid scam messages on Eastlink?

If you have any questions or receive messages regarding your Eastlink account. Go directly to her profile on Eastlink’s website and do not click on her SMS or email links after registration. Log in to see your account balance and other account information. Please pay from your account.
Avoid sending phone numbers to send messages. You can also contact the network operator directly through the network operator’s website or other publicly available information. To verify the legitimacy of the Eastlink scam

What if the message is wrong?

You can directly access Eastlink’s official website without entering any URL by SMS or email and use the payment notification system to receive more Eastlink notifications and manage your commissions.
After entering the vehicle number, the Eastlink payment information or payment receipt for that vehicle will be displayed in the portal.
Tips To Protect Yourself From Eastlink Scams
Never reply to suspicious emails or text messages that contain financial or personal information. Do not call the SMS sender’s contact number. Make sure all technology devices are running the latest version of the operating system.
Eastling SMS Scam; Digital Malware. To protect yourself from Trojan horses and viruses, you should use and maintain your own Internet security software.

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