Dragon Mania Legends Guide {June 2022} Explore The List!

Dragon Mania Legends Guide

Dragon Mania Legends is one of the best Android games from Gameloft. There are some issues with the game; War, destroyed houses, dragons, etc. Dragon Mania Legends tips and tricks will help you get there quickly without running out of money. Lifestyle, lifestyle clothing and more.

Great Dragon Mania Legends for Android and iOS Upcoming Gameloft release. In this game you can collect dragons, create territories and save them. In this post [Dragon Mania Legends Guide] I will explain everything about the game and help soon. Let’s start with the Dragon Mania Legends program;

Dragon Mania Legends Guide – Pib – Part 1 – Pib

As always, the game starts with a lesson that teaches you the basics of the game; Legends Dragon Mania, dragons, battles, tutorials, etc. How to play music.

Follow the steps in the game to facilitate navigation in Dragon Mania.

about the dragon
To build a house; building, church, water
Enter the level / level
collect coins
to repair the house
Open a new plane
to expand the dragon kingdom

Legends Dragon Mania Guide. In short, the main goal of this game is to defeat the Land of the Dragon; At the beginning of the game you have a story, and as you progress, more new stories. Your job is to train, guide, and strengthen them. He convinces Aagondarha to attack and defeat the Viking Aagondarha army. win and steal; Distribute the coins, collect treasures in the land of Augondarha and collect hundreds of Adharas. Let me explain everything in detail and simply.

We will be experts in our subject;

Ala agondarkhan

Dragon World -> Dragon House, you will live as your dragon lived in peace. Let’s work.

⇒ Dragon Mania Legends contains hundreds of dragons; Earth Dragon, Lava Dragon, Wind, Smoke, etc. These parts are divided into groups; Salty, small, woven, scarce, etc. Airplanes are easy to get, but not the mythical ones.
Miss Dragon Mania Legendary Game Guide -> Battlefield -> If you change three episodes, you can bring them to battle. The prize will receive gold, XP and other items. Choose the first three characters you want to shoot.

Legends Dragon Mania Guide – Part 2 – Let’s start with the rapid growth

Legends Dragon Mania Guide

In this part of the Dragon Mania Legends guide we have compiled the best tips and tricks to follow while playing. As you know, at the beginning of the game you are left with the game, or most of it. You must edit your profile to unlock this.

How to fix Dragon Mania in Legends?

You need XP to reach this level. You can see the current status with the XP icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will be standing when you are satisfied. XP can be written in different ways;

Remove the block
home repairs
to win the war
Deepen it to a high level
Finish your search
as a gift
Weshi Dragon Mania Guide Legend -> Headquarters

The main houses of Dragon Mania Legends are the Farm and the House. Raising a deer requires fodder and farmland to fly. When you move, you can create more homes in your home. Unlimited space, unlimited space and you can’t build a house.

Another key is the incubator. If you buy a coin or jewelry in the store, you will receive it as a gift. First go to the egg and then sauté the egg to get the eggplant. You cannot install an unlimited incubator at the same time, you can configure the incubator to increase the number.

Legend Dragon Mania Guide -> Dragon Mania Guide

Aagondarha was the first coach. Put the mesh in place, warm. In this episode Dragon Mania Legends tells us how to learn about dragons; Sales, delivery, advertising, etc.

How to sell Aagondarhan in Dragon Mania Legends?

You can find Aagondarhan in the existing curriculum of your city. So it’s best to sell for a pen. If you are looking to sell Aagondarhan look here;

Click on the target -> select the plane you want to sell -> click on the button in the lower left corner of the screen -> then click on the timeline and see it.

To move a dragon, click on the “Move” option and choose another position to place.
Why level and how level?
Dragon Mania Legends Guide There are many reasons to rank your dragons;

Leveling increases the power of the dragon
You get more gold
You can choose a high level dragon for the sand
Because of the hidden caves
and many others

How to match dragons? -> click on a habitat -> select a dragon to climb -> feed it -> fill the level shelf -> here it is. You can grow many types of food on your farm.

Uesi Dragon Mania Legend Guide As mentioned above, to get a dragon you have to hatch an egg. You can obtain dragons by breeding your own dragons or at a store. The migration process takes some time; wait and when you’re done, go past the egg and grab your dragon.
Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Guide
To get a new dragon, you need eggs. To get the egg, you have to raise dragons. Go to the Breeding Cave -> touch the body icon -> select two dragons to play -> wait and see. When the task is complete, rescue the egg and capture your dragon.

Dragon Mania Legends Quick Guide;
If you are still confused; Just follow these steps;

Assignments are completed
to get gold coins
Go on the war
Raise your dragons
A plant-based diet
Build more buildings
Exalt your name
the race of the dragon
Play with the sand
Upgrade your mansions; Farm, Nursery, Old Gate, Pjellës Cave

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