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Dethvrt Com Reviews {June} Is This A Legitimate Site?

Dethvrt Com Reviews

This article examines the results of a Dethvrt.com review of a site that claims to sell a wide range of products.

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Meanwhile, many illegal websites are working to make their views on the site unscrupulous. Therefore, a small group of American consumers are concerned about the reliability of Dethvrt com. The school has a wide variety of modern furniture, heavy equipment and more.

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What is Dethvrt.com?

Dethvrt.com is an online retailer in the United States that engaged with e-commerce customers on July 27, 2021. The purpose of this website is to offer end users the best products at an affordable price.

In addition, the consumer can buy white goods, furniture, appliances, playground, outdoor games and indoor items, etc. on the site. such as a wide variety of goods. Also, customers will benefit the most from the site, as the “Magnificent New Year” has not yet been completed. Even luxury is cheap in the final sale.

In retrospect, inside and out, the site looked more and more like a fake store, causing a lot of distrust for the site. Then “Is Dethvrt Legal?” Read the section. under this blog.

Site information

Website link – https://www.dethvrt.com
Release date-27.07.2021
Customer Support Email – support@dethvrt.com
Consumables – A wide selection of furniture, toys and accessories.
Phone – not found
Address: 14706 sw 6th St Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33027, USA.
Delivery fee – Free worldwide delivery
Returns and exchanges – within 30 days
Newsletter – Yes
Links to social networks – no
Delivery time – within 2 days (indicated in the product description)
Payment methods – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal
Returns Policy – Not Specified
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Results of ordering on dethvrt.com

The site contains an address and an e-mail address.
Common equipment can be found under one roof.
The site has budget management.
Consumer data is protected in the online store because the HTTPS protocol is secure.
Negative consequences of dethvrt com
User comments on the site are not published.
Private 24*7 phone number tracking.
Quests and content are limited.
The instrument panel is shaped.

Is Dethvrt.com legit?

According to this article, customers can respond to all their complaints, as experts take all the facts into account after reviewing all the precautions and procedures. Also, people should not trust the online store as it appears to be scammers that appear to be legitimate websites that prevent consumers from scamming.

Please note the following.

Links to social networks. There is no link to the site or the site does not appear on any social networks.
Date created by the author – The domain name of the site was registered on 27.07.2021.

Consumer surveys. During research I found out that there are no comments from Dethvrt com.

Domain expiration date – Domain registration expires mid-year on 07/27/2022.
Evaluation of the trust index – Out of 100%, the site gets a very low 47.9% trust.
Plagiarism content. Unfortunately, product images, addresses, content, etc. The entire user profile has been stolen.
Confidence index score. The website is high risk because 1% is trusted.
original address. Company location does not take you to your original location.
Save Save – The site is full of fake offers.

What is the consumption size of dethvrt com?

In fact, the old data failed to capture the message about the consumer because not a single consumer shared their interaction experience with any of the existing ones. As we received some comments from consumers asking if they should publish the law


Eventually I came to the conclusion that this place offers inflatables and furniture is highly controversial. Therefore, customers should not visit the portal.

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