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Death Toll Texas Shooting

The article gives you brief details about the Texas shooting with death toll. Read the full article for all the details.

Did you hear about the shooting in Texas? An eighteen-year-old gunman killed 21 people at an elementary school. The incident occurred in Texas, United States. The shooting has terrified people in countries like the United States and Canada. People are getting the latest details on this incident. This was the deadliest shooting in American schools in years.

Let us know about the Texas shooting with death toll.

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On Tuesday, 21 people lost their lives in the shooting. Nineteen of them were young children and 2 were adults. The attack occurred in Uvalde. Uvalde is a small city in the United States. The assailant was an 18-year-old teenager. According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the shooter was Salvador Ramos. He died after being shot by police.

The shooting took place on Tuesday. The shooter went to classrooms to shoot students. According to the sources, President Joe Biden said that we must change pain for action and change gun laws. The shooting put the school on lockdown.

Texas school shooting death toll

Twenty-one people were killed in the attack in Texas. The students were taken to St Civic Center Willie Delon, where they were reunited with their parents. It’s hard to believe that a child was involved in the Texas shooting. He killed 21 people, and most of them were young children. Shootings take place in different parts of the world that end the lives of innocent people.

The city suffered a great loss due to the attack. Many parents lost their children. The students were transferred to the civic center and fortunately they met their parents. People are mourning the loss of 21 students who lost their lives through no fault of their own. According to the death toll Texas shooting, Tuesday was awards day at Robb Elementary School. It was two days before summer vacation.

Who was the shooter?

According to online sources, the shooter was an eighteen-year-old, Salvador Ramos. He was a student at Liceo Uvalde. He resided in a small town eighty miles west of San Antonio. The shooter died instantly. He shot twenty-one people to death. The incident occurred on May 24, 2022.

The children of the school never expected this horrible incident. According to Death Toll Texas Shooting, the parents went to the civic center to take their son. Various popular personalities have also posted their views on the incident. According to online sources, many people have suggested that the US government make improvements to gun laws.


The article gives you brief details about the shooting in Texas that happened on Tuesday. The shooting took 21 people, among whom 19 were small children and the other two were adults. The unfortunate attack caused a great loss for the school and the families of the innocent students. Other students were safely transported to the civic center. You can visit this link to know more about the attack.

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