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Connetix Vs Magna Tiles

Are magnetic cards for you?

Magnetic Box is one of the best games for kids. I like it in my house. My children play every day. There are many reasons why they are cute, but the main one is that there is a 3 year age difference between girls and boys and boys love to play with them. When I arrived, my friends were very interested in the magic shell.
It is an outdoor playground where children can do all kinds of things. Great creativity, fun and great thinking skills. With so many brands to choose from, the question arises, “Which one should I choose?” “What difference?” you can ask a question. ask a question
Today we compare three major brands: Magna Boards, Kinetic and Playmag. I try my best to share my experiences, values and things that are important to me.

The story of my magnetic board

4 years ago, when my son was 4 and my son was 1, I got a little game magazine as a gift, and kids always love to play. But when my son showed interest and wanted to play more, I realized I had to play another board with him. I had two large sets of boxes that I later learned were like my family’s favorite table. We want more.
So after a little digging I found the Connectix Pastel Mega Pack (I’ll explain why later). I liked it so much that I even bought an EK stroller and kept it in my room most days. (If you want to see us play, click here.) I applied to be a Cantix brand ambassador and had so much fun last year.
By publishing all my tile work, you understand my journey and share my honest thoughts and experiences. No one contributed to this message. So read on for my thoughts on what I’ve learned from research and experience.

What is a magnetic disk?

Magnetic Box is an open-ended game that encourages building, building and creating in both 3D and 2D. The parts are magnetically attached to plastic sheets of different shapes, which enables geometric patterns.
Some magnetic strips are solid, while others are transparent and allow light to pass through. I like how the plastic reacts to light in this new feature, so I’ll focus on the last comparison.
I want to compare it to Connectix, Magna-Box and Playmag.
I think it’s a serious game, but I’m still not sure. Unfortunately, there is no company profile on their website. I love reading stories about their products and brands. Hopefully that will change soon.

Wikipedia has the following entries:

Magnavox was originally manufactured in Japan and sold under the name Pythagoras. American businessman Rudy Wallenda saw the game in Japan in 1996 and bought the franchise. Magna Tiles and Gaming Systems Valtech Corporation. For sale.
Sales were slow at first, but now Magna Tales is “everyone” among children in the US. The New York Times and other publications praised Magnus Stories as a great game.

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