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China Crash Plane Wiki

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Do you know about the tragic plane crash? Recently, a Chinese plane crashed into a mountain in southern China. On Monday, there were 132 people on board. The plane crashed in southern China.

The tragedy was covered by several media outlets in the US and India. According to our information, 132 people lost their lives in this terrible incident. This article is also posted on Wikipedia. But what exactly happened? Learn more about the disaster on the China Wiki.

A tragic event

According to our research, the registration number of the aircraft is “China Boeing 737”. According to our research, the flight departed from Kunming at 05:11 GMT. The destination is Guangzhou Airport. Earlier, the plane crashed in the mountains near Wuzhou.

According to radar, the aircraft fell to 29,000 feet at 0620 GMT. According to the last update, the elevation was 3,220 feet. After the Chinese authorities received information about the tragedy, they sent an ambulance. Further, the investigation has started to fully clarify the cause of the incident.

China plane crash video – update

According to our research, many photos of the accident have been circulated. The collision can be seen in the video. Many people shared the video on social networks. According to official information, there were 132 passengers on board.

The rescue team started rescue operations. However, according to unofficial reports, there is a chance that someone will survive. So far, Chinese government officials have ordered an investigation into the crash.

According to official information, there were no foreign passengers on the plane.

Chinese plane crashes Wiki – So

This event shocked many people and the words of the two countries. Chinese officials expressed deep sorrow over the accident. However, Prime Minister Narendra Damodarbhai Modi said he was saddened by the accident.

In a personal tweet, the Prime Minister of India sought the cause of death. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude and condolences to the families of the victims.

Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong thanked the Indian Prime Minister and Indian citizens for their interest. Some media have published videos of the plane crash in China.

Why is the news trending?

Our research shows that news trends for a reason. The Boeing Max 737 was to enter the commercial market in recent months. However, more than 132 people died in the accident. As a result, the news about the plane crash spread in the media.


Our investigation revealed that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will provide assistance to the Chinese authorities. The power of China. According to the FAA in this crisis, the FAA China Plane Crash Wiki will provide any assistance in the investigation.

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