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Cat Spa Game Guide

The game Cat Spa has been released on mobile by Hyperbeard. Read on for a Cat Spa game guide, tips, tricks and strategies for beginners.

Cat Spa Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategy⇓

In this book you will learn how to play the game “Cat Spa”, “how to add points quickly”, information about “employees”, “customers” and other topics such as troubleshooting strategies, development, expansion, employee training, tools and many others . . . . . . . . . So, waste no time and get started: The Cat Spa game guide is full of tips, tricks and strategy information:-

A Beginner’s Guide to How to Play⇓

In the Cat Spa game, you will control a spa run by cute cats who give massages to customers. Your goal is to further increase Cat Spa points to increase its ranking and also be able to offer other services. For example, when you launch the game, you will offer massage services to customers, and when you expand and open hair salons, you will be able to work as a hairdresser. And then the storefront.

Tips to increase your spa score quickly⇓

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The best way to increase spa points at Cat Spa is to complete daily goals; Completing all objectives earns you 50 points.

In addition to completing objectives, you can increase your score at the Cat Spa by “buying high-quality furniture” by talking to the staff during breaks.

Go to the furniture game menu -> there you will find more furniture that you can buy with apples; each piece of furniture has many characteristics; The higher the quality, the more points points you will earn. Stand; contains food, value x5; wooden rugs, soft bread, superb blankets, beautiful lawns, and fluffy yellow eggs.

Increasing the spa score is one of the most challenging in the game because you have to increase the points to expand; For example, you can turn on the hair dryer when you reach the 200-point mark.

Apples in game Cat Spa⇓
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Apple is the standard currency that customers give you in the game Cat Spa when you give them a massage or hair service. Each service has a price tag; p. lemon oil, aloe vera, rose salt etc. Click on the menu tab and a list of tasks will appear on the screen. Click on a service to see its prices and hours. By increasing skill levels, players can increase the cost of services and earn more apples.

Get more apples by adding high-quality accessories and garnishes. For example, adding a pond will give you more apples. There is a great list; trains, lamps, propellers, mirrors, chairs and so on. Just click on the furniture menu and see the list.

You can hire Apple employees. Apple also charges money to buy new equipment and expand new services.

Tips to save lots of apples⇓

The bank is one of the key tools that will help you collect the apples in the Cat Spa game. When you put it in the spa, customers will start giving you apples as a tip. The better the disc, the more apples you can collect. These tables include wooden stools, premium benches, professional stools, pigs and premium stools.

Churu and Cat Spa Games

Churu is the second common currency within the game that customers give you in exchange for massage services. You can use Churu to hire or train employees.

Play with Lana at the Cat Spa⇓

You can earn free wool by serving your customers at the hair salon or as a daily gift in the store or by watching video ads. Description; The wool in the Cat Spa game is used to make wigs. After expanding to the booth, you can make wigs. Once you’ve made your wig, you can put it in the “sell” area of ​​the stall and sell it for apples.

Beware naughty customers
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Proud customers are different from regular customers who visit your spa. They try to hurt and hurt your business. Stand; Ketchup Hotdog, Giraffe Prince lay on the mat and fell asleep. When you see an angry customer, start groping and follow up

Practitioner Guide for Beginners⇓

Cats In the game Cat Spa you will find an assistant Churu. These employees can help you clean up trash, provide services and attract customers.

Make sure you put it on top of the others. Swipe right from the massage center to go to the personal screen. There you can add pillows, bookshelves, dining area, rugs and carpets for bonuses.

Press the “employee” button in the lower left corner; there are three tabs; In the Apple tab, you can give employees a pay rise by spending an apple and extending their working hours, reducing downtime and even receiving rating points.

In the second tab of the employee menu you can train employees to spend Churu. And in the Scissors tab you will find employees.

Speaking while Search is paused
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Talking during the holidays is one of the common missions that come home in the Cat Spa game. To complete this search, stop the staff and wait for the message bubble icon. Click on it to chat with them during the break. It will earn points.

Game Gamma Uto⇓

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Gamma Uto is one of the characters in the Cat Spa game who happens to appear during the game – he appears in a UFO. Once it appears, tap it to interact and it will give you a chance to win a lot of apples by playing the game it created. Agree to play your game -> choose the best thing to go through the door -> grab the apple. Usually everyday adventures will challenge you to play Gamma Uto games.

Tips for getting customers⇓

Click on the ad button in the bottom right to get customers. There are also some special clients who come to the spa center who can help you get more clients. For example, Fan Cat Flora and Birds have human faces. Accept their offer when they arrive.

Free with the game Cat Spa⇓

Press the ( +) option next to the apple status bar in the top left corner -> it will take you to the store where you can get free apples and feathers + watch video ads to get more apples and feathers.

And sometimes video ads appear on screen; check to receive a free bonus.

Complete missions, achievements to earn Wool, Churu, Ratings and Apples.

Kat Spa Game Cheat To Cheat Code

Cat Spa Games does not support scams or the entry of scam codes. Developers can add gift codes or coupon codes or advertising feature codes later, depending on other games released by Hyperbeard.

So all of this will be discussed in this post on “Spa Paint Game Guide, Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Beginners”. Do you have any other tips or hints? Leave your comments below.


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