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Buno Store Reviews {June} Is It A Legit Seller Or Scam?

Buno Store Reviews

In this email, the shopping site offers sincere reviews about the Buno store.

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Nowadays, everyone wants to look their best, regardless of the season. Summer shoes are a limited selection for both men and women, but don’t worry, today we bring you the Buno store with the most exclusive collection of summer shoes.

In the United States, people are interested in this online store, so let’s check the Buno store for security.

What is a buno shop?

Based on the latest research and data from websites, global footwear traders offer unique footwear for children, men and women. Today’s site also contains unrealistic information that attracts cheap buyers.

In addition, the content of the site is limited and the user interface of the pages is poorly designed due to a lack of information about the products offered.

This is why people are encouraged to check out Is Buno Legit Store.

What does Toko Buno look like?

Homepage URL – https://www.bunostore.com/
Goods – shoes and boots
The sign is recognized
Today’s social network
Contact us at support@bunostore.com
Company Address: 8898 E 105TH LOS ANGELES 90002 – 3406 USA.
Domain name registration -21/10/2
Shipping Cost – Free shipping on orders over $ 59
Worldwide delivery time less than 60 days
The compensation period is 30 days.
Payment due date – specific date
Payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.
Before drawing any conclusions, it is worth checking out the real purpose of the site in the Buno Store review.

What are the pros and cons of Toko Buno?

HTTPS local security.
Free shipping on orders over $ 59.
Contains all contact details.
People have products that can make a lot of money.
The site is available worldwide, for example in the USA.

What are the disadvantages of ordering from the Buno store?

User reviews are not posted on the official site.
Social media links are useless.
Continuity of delivery is required.
They just created a domain.

Is this a store rule?

Based on our research, we are able to collect information to evaluate the reliability of the database. So, if you want to know about online store compliance, you will land on this page.

Read the information below.

Alexa Ranking – Alexa Ranking There is no information on the internet.
Social networking sites: These social networking links are useless because they lead to the respective social networking sites.
User analysis. According to current research, there are no user reviews or reviews of the site on the official site.
The domain was created more than a month after it was created on October 21, 2021.
Domain name expiration – The domain name of the website will expire on October 21, 2022.
Trusted map – Database trust level 39.3 / 100.
Trust score – The site has less than 1% trust.
Content quality. The content of the site is bad because it does not contain useful information.
Address check: Position declared invalid.
The misconception is that this site sells its products at unfair prices because it offers huge discounts on anything.

What are the user reviews about Buno Store?

Customer reviews play an important role in assessing the legitimacy of a website. Studies show that customers pay little attention to the official site; No comments on social media or discussions with external links.

As a result, the Buno store did not receive a response from consumers.

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Draw a line below

Therefore, we do not recommend ordering shoes from the site, as the site is difficult to understand. Similarly, none of the users posted reviews of the Buno Store on the official website, and the site was created a month ago.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the existing dimensions before making a final decision.

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