Budget Inn Ellijay Reviews {May} Find Siblings In Detail!

Budget Inn Ellijay Reviews

Read these Budget Inn Ellijay reviews to learn more about the Budget Inn, its room amenities and guest reviews.

Looking for a gateway option for your trip? Looking for a budget inn in Ellijay? Want to learn more about the Budget Inn of Ellijay walkway? If yes, then this post is for you.

The Budget Inn of Ellijay has been gaining attention lately for its affordable rooms and good facilities. Many travelers to the United States and Canada look for reviews of the Budget Inn Ellijay. So, in this post, we will be discussing the Budget Inn of Ellijay and its reviews.

What is the Ellijay Budget Inn?

The Budget Inn is a downtown Ellijay hotel. It has the best atmosphere for guests looking for both leisure and adventure. The Budget Inn of Ellijay is quite a famous gateway option in Ellijay. The site has many good reviews on well-known travel agency sites. The overall rating is 7.6/10 on and 3/5 on Tripadvisor.

The Budget Inn is not only the best choice among motels, but also a great deal. They also have inexpensive options. Customers can also inquire about their Jacuzzi suite.

Budget Inn Top of Ellijay Reviews

The place is the ideal accommodation for a vacation in Ellijay. Some of Ellijay’s best views are just a short walk away. Incredible restaurants, shopping and Downtown Square are all within walking distance of the community.

Many customers have given excellent reviews of the hotel. There are too many reviews that the exterior was average but the rooms were very nice. People also expressed the cheap kindness of the hotel rooms and the good service of the hotel staff. Overall the hotel is a nice getaway with good rooms and customer service based on reviews.

Now that we’ve covered the Budget Inn Ellijay reviews. Now let’s discuss the hotel facilities and room features and room types.

Budget Inn from Ellijay Amenities

The Budget Inn of Ellijay Gateway is nestled in the mountainous wilderness of Georgia. It has a basketball court. High-speed WiFi can be used free of charge throughout the facility. They have free parking for guests. In addition, guests receive breakfast in their room.

One of the key features is that the entrance is pet friendly and guests’ dogs and cats are always welcome. The hotel also has an express check-in and check-out option and a 24-hour front desk for guest services, as noted in a customer review by Budget Inn Ellijay Reviews.

Room Amenities

All rooms at the Budget Inn of Ellijay are fully air-conditioned. Each room has a refrigerator and microwave for guest use. In addition, each room has a hairdryer, toiletries and a desk.

room types
The Budget Inn of Ellijay Hotel offers guests four types of rooms:

Living room,
non-smoking rooms, &
smoking room


The Budget Inn of Ellijay is a perfect budget retreat for families and individual travelers visiting the mountain town of Ellijay. To read reviews of the Budget Inn of Ellijay, click here.

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