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BlockSmash Review – Scam or Legit? (Untold Truth Revealed)

BlockSmash Review

BlockSmash is a website that claims to earn money with a single click.

Yes, you read it right. Just click a button.

But is BlockSmash a really easy and legal way to make money, or is it a scam to avoid?

I decided to research and test the site myself. And let me quickly tell you that there are some important details you need to know before signing up.

This BlockSmash review provides all the details and uncovers the untold truth about what it has to offer, so you can decide if you should give it a try.

What is BlockSmash and what does it offer?

BlockSmash is basically a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site where you can earn rewards by playing block breaking games (hence the name BlockSmash).

While it’s true that breaking blocks is rewarding, it’s not the best indicator of whether a site is worth your time.

To decide if it’s worth it, you first need to understand how it works. The best way to do this is to research the income opportunities on offer.

Win Rate: BlockSmash Game

Technically, these sites offer only one way to earn money and that is by playing.

As you can see in the image below, just click on the block to find out if you win a prize.
When you register as a member of BlockSmash, you automatically receive 35 axes to break blocks. Treat this selection as your ticket to play.

The game is very simple. Use a pickaxe to destroy blocks and see if you win a prize. By breaking blocks, you can win cash prizes and other types of random loot. Winnings are usually in the range of $0.2 to $0.5 and the game is very easy to play so not bad in my opinion.

You can also get extra axes to be able to break more blocks. But what if you have no other choice? Now, you have to spend a lot of time here.
As you know, BlockSmash offers many ways to get more axes, so you can break more blocks and earn money. Get more picks by completing paid offers, playing other games, and inviting others to become members (see photo above).

I won’t go into detail about how this feature works. After all, you play to win money. Another point of activity that this site offers is to break more blocks.

The only thing I noticed while testing this website is that there are a lot of pop-up ads that contain malware and inappropriate ads.

How will I be paid?

As explained above, you can earn money by destroying blocks. But how can I withdraw my winnings?
As you can see in the photo above, BlockSmash offers many payment options, including PayPal. But the most obvious detail to pay attention to is the withdrawal threshold, which is $100.

This is actually a very high payout threshold and a huge red flag in my experience. I have tested hundreds of sites and if you come across a site with a very high withdrawal threshold, they often have additional requirements that must be met in order to withdraw your earnings.

Also, pennies can only be earned by breaking blocks, so it takes a long time to reach the threshold.

If you have a payment limit of $100, I think that means you won’t pay. Especially with such an unrealistic way to win.

For this reason, we recommend registering with sites with low withdrawal thresholds so that you can withdraw your earnings quickly.

Warning signs to watch out for
While testing this site, I came across a few red flags that you should watch out for. I’ll walk you through each red flag and why they matter. This gives you an idea of ​​what to look for in the future.

Red Light #1 – Unrealistic Monetization Method

Looking at their website, the monetization methods they offer don’t really make much sense. Because it makes no sense how a website can pay to click a button.

Paid offers allow you to generate revenue in addition to pop-up ads. But in my opinion, there isn’t enough of an offer to justify that they can afford to reward you for breaking the lock.

So the only explanation is that they don’t actually pay you. At least that’s how I saw it myself.

Red light #2: pop-up ads

I also mentioned earlier that pop-up ads constantly trigger my antivirus system, which means every ad you see contains malicious content that can harm your computer.

And in my experience, sites that allow this type of advertising are not ideal for making money. This not only harms your computer but also sensitive information like passwords and bank account numbers.

Therefore, I always try to avoid websites with pop-up ads that trigger the antivirus system.

Red Flag #3 – High Payout Threshold

In my experience, a very high payout threshold of $100 means that most of the time the site is not actually willing to pay. Legitimate and popular online gift sites generally have manageable payout thresholds ranging from $10 to $20.

This is the general threshold range offered by leading websites. In my opinion, setting a withdrawal limit of $100 will allow members to start at $5 on every earning opportunity they offer. This means you don’t pay members unless they can earn $10. That way, you don’t have to wait long to get there and collect your rewards.

But it’s also very rare. Very few sites award between $5 and $10 for the opportunity to earn.

Also, in my experience, sites like this often have additional requirements before you can withdraw your earnings when you hit the threshold, but that means more work and more wasted time.

final decision

BlockSmash is a fun and useful GPT site. However, that does not mean this site is worth visiting.

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