Audrey Mestre Apnee – life Relationship with Francisco

Audrey Mestre Apnee

First, life.

Mestre Saint-Denis was born in Seine-Saint-Denis to a family of various means. He started swimming at a young age and won a gold medal in the 25 meter race at the age of two. He became a professional soccer player at the age of 13, but did not receive a full license under French law until he was 16. His family moved to Mexico City when he was young, where he studied Spanish and studied at the University of La. Paz in Mexico. Bachelors in Marine Biology.

The film focuses on the body, especially its effects and consequences, as well as the mind and spirituality and its effects. Tanya Streeter, who inspired Ferraz and Mestre to set their 160m record, said their love for the sport was spiritual. “I tried until the end, but I did everything I could. Streeter’s trip showed the strength of the mental groups, physical strength, strength, talent and athleticism. deep feet, different shots, different roles. All these women worked with men, they taught them well.

Relationship with Francisco “Pibino” Ferreira

In 1996, Waters channeled his interest in sports to interview freelance journalist Francisco “Pippin” Ferreira. They quickly fell in love and moved to Miami, Florida to live with Mr. He is black. Ferreira began to set his heart on him and soon became Ferreira’s mentor. His favorite, Audrey Misty, whom he married the following year from Fort Lauderdale in 1999, held the record for swimming 125 meters in one breath, and the following year he recorded 130 meters (427 feet).


On October 4, 2002, a group of divers led by her and her husband sank 166 meters (545 ft) off the coast of Bayhibe, Dominican Republic. After eight days of deep diving, he attempted to jump 171 meters, but when he started to climb, he had stomach problems. He stayed in the water for eight and a half minutes. When her husband passed out, it was time to pronounce him dead at the beach hospital.
In 2006, Venezuelan-American Carlos Serra, a former IAF colleague and well-known fundraiser, published The Final Test to international acclaim. Serra blamed Ferreira for Mestre’s death. According to Ciara’s testimony, Ferreira and Duane’s marriage ended in October 2002 after Ferreira abused her, possibly because of Duane’s wishes. According to the Italian judge, Giovanni Falcone, confirmed by the Italian court, there are several reasons that supported the intention of Serra Ferreira to kill his wife.

Mestre set a new world record of 171 meters (561 ft) when he died in the Dominican Republic in 2002. In training this week, he aims to clear 170 meters in the long jump. events. month. First of all. As you can imagine, the loss of a family is tragic, but it also raises questions about boundaries. Freedom, control, pressure and level are important in some sports. About Mason’s identity, marriage, occupation and choice of names.

“It’s time to be in the right place,” said Sports Illustrated writer Gary Smith.

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