Airbnb Bangalore Price – Designed By An Architect

Airbnb Bangalore Price

Jamal Modern Studio

Convenient location in Bangalore These studios will add color to your visit and stay. The rooms are decorated with bright colors and modern furniture. It has four beds, a small table, a well-appointed kitchen and other modern features. The facilities of both buildings will help you if you have any questions or concerns (for a fee) or if you have prepared lunch.

Private house near Boyer Park

Explore Bangalore easily from the city center duplex apartment. We shared this place with new owners who are happier sharing their knowledge of the city. They go to the ground floor and enter a large room with a lot of privacy. Use kitchen or other practical space if desired. Do you want to walk in the morning? Then head to Kuban Park, a short walk from the hotel.

A long house in Tudor near the pumpkin circle

Looking for an airport seat? This apartment is offered by Monbenberg Hotel in North Bangalore. Arrive on time and you will be less than 30 minutes from the city and the airport. This room is fully equipped with all modern amenities. Free breakfast is served daily and the owner provides cooking lessons upon request.

Local art apartment HBR

If you want to live in a limited space, this is the room for you. This is the perfect location if you are visiting the nearby Maned Art Park or want to create a space. However, while you are here, you should spend a lot of time exploring the art that shows you from the inside out. If you are hungry, stay in Kamanhir or walk 30 minutes to Indira Nagar or MG Road.

Traditional bungalow on Cunningham Street.

Do it yourself at home in our heritage bungalows on Cunningham Street. Rooms and other furniture. For those familiar with Bangalore, this is the main building where Secret Garden Restaurant is located. Filled with plants, flower pots, beautiful roofs, gardens, a beautiful pool (for cramped spaces) and antique furniture, it is an easy place to call home. The rooms are luxuriously decorated with antique and antique furniture such as crystal fireplaces, fine carpets and elegant hardware.

Whitefield Park with Pool

Architects designed a house in Whitefield with two bedrooms and four beds. One bedroom on the ground floor, another in the attic with external stairs. Our favorite was the Whitefield Penthouse with a balcony and a beautiful view of the forest and buildings. There is an open kitchen and dining room Whether you want to sit down to cook or have a drink at the grocery store, the open kitchen and dining area are there for you. Swimming Pool Garden – Airbnb. The house has breakfast and Wi-Fi. Couples planning Valentine’s Day?

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