Zooba Characters {June 2022} Explore The List!

Zooba Characters

Check out the heroes in the game Zoo – seek out and play the best characters to win the battlefield
It’s fun to play as an animal in Battle Royale. Beautiful people have unusual abilities, friendships, and various statistics. At the beginning of the game you get the first free animal, where the game asks you to choose one of the three symbols. We came to the game to help you as if you are a novice and have no idea about its details. In today’s post we have shared information about Zooba game characters and the best list of Zooba characters.

Zooba Symptoms: –

1.) Molly
Molly Kangaroo is a hero of flexibility. There are good grinding statistics that allow you to quickly escape weather situations and easily escape from enemy attacks. In addition to the highest sensitivity stats, he has a colleague named Joey. During the war, this friend collects things for you; sanitary equipment, weapons, etc. It also helps you by contributing to the attack as you fight the enemy.

When Joey dies, you will see a yellow line below your character’s HP line. When it’s full, Joy pauses.

Because of Molly’s active ability she is one of Zooba’s best characters. This skill allows you to move on; Use these active skills to escape quickly if the enemy is after you. You can increase Molly’s stats by updating.

2.) Busra

Bruce is the hero of the tank party in the game. Thanks to its strong HP stats, it can do more damage than other property types. This advantage increases its survival. The blast stats are very good too. However, the attack range is very short.

passive skills; It is strengthened by a strong man – irrevocable. With his extremely active ability, Bruce jumps into the air and does damage to the enemy.

3.) NIX
NIX is another hero with excellent stats and milling skills. But Bursa is not so good at wounding, or doing too much damage. Both of these numbers are medium, not impressive. It is certainly high when it comes to long range attacks. NIX’s ability to handle enemy damage remotely will help you greatly. However, it would be a bad idea to think of a scene as food – many other characters have abusive habits.

Advantages – Flexibility Statistics, Empty Skill (Quick Pull Balls), Shooting Skill (Quick Pull), Length. Requirements: HP, DMG.

4.) shell
Shelly is another Bruce-like tank character. Yellie’s injury, health and distance statistics are also excellent. In addition to these skills, two other skills; unemployed and active makes it one of the best ideas in the game. Indirect sleep deprivation, tough skin, reduces damage – the stroke does less damage with each stroke. Skill and active shell make it invisible in seconds.

Expert – Statistics and effective skills. Disadvantages: low speed.

5.) angle
The angle is higher in long range attacks. Zooba is also one of the best characters for long distance fighting. Statistics like injuries, health and fitness are not accurate. HP stats are low, which reduces vitality. You can die early with low HP. It’s slow. The ability to see the bush allows him to see the enemy hiding in the bushes. Advanced Land Skills will give you a great view of the map.

Advantages – Long-range combat, reform. Disadvantages: HP slow, low.

6.) Oili
Olly is one of the best characters in the game – this animal has the ability to heal. Eating fire can improve your health. Other factors such as speed, distance and damage are relevant. Emma HP is short. So you may not be able to get any more hits – try to avoid them for as long as possible for a lifetime. Significant enemy battles can shorten the life of the battlefield.

Benefits: Healing skills, memory skills, duration, speed, damage. CONS – Low HP.

7.) Gearóid

It’s slow, but it swells with anger. Intermediate – short term. So you need to get closer to the attack on the enemy – it will reduce the chances of survival. But with good HP stats, HP enemies have a low edge. Active skills allow you to surprise your enemies. In Angel, these abilities can change the outcome of a battle.

Benefits – Rotating power, adequate HP, damage. Disadvantages: slow.

8.) Blurring

Fuzzy Passive slows down the enemy – this passive can be useful if the enemy is chasing you and you have no HP. Provides active abilities, glide, speed boost. Speed, range is good. However, the HP and Damage stats are unimpressive.

9. Findings

As a follower, Finn’s skills allow you to chase down enemies with low HP levels – so you can target and kill them for rewards. He also has the ability to heal.

Advantages – Healing, chasing down desperate enemies, speed, damage. Cons – Very weak HP stats.

10.) Larry

Larry’s Sticky Tongue helps you make a series of cuts. Because Larry is a chameleon, he can change color – become invisible for seconds. You don’t have to hide Bush while playing Larry.

Pros – Dexterity, success, intangible skills. Cons – Poor HP stats, average damage stats.





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