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Do you believe that positive thinking and action can change many things around us? Do you practice yoga, mindfulness and spirituality that has the power to bring positivity into someone’s life? There are many ways to rejuvenate the mind and body from daily stress and make positive changes in life. welcomes all contributors who write about good things and can improve the lives of readers. Subscribing to our Positief guest posts gives experts and writers access to the thousands of visitors who visit her site every day.

About the website:

MeriFilmines publishes titles related to its niche: news, reviews and cryptocurrency. These articles are published to thousands of people who visit his website every day. Each channel has its own audience and the content of the website changes its format according to the number of readers.

Online buyers can find legal terms and other information about the e-commerce platform in the review section of the website, while product reviews discuss product information. The news section of the media covers all events of world importance.

Write a great guest blog for us:

As mentioned above, Marifilmines specializes in creating news content, website reviews and product reviews of interest to visitors from these countries. The guest post feature goes a step further by providing additional posts for this site. The site increases its chances of attracting additional visitors from other countries and offers more opportunities to its regular readers.

Companies, organizations and platforms that want to promote their products and services can use this opportunity to promote their brand. They can also add some links to their guest post and drive some traffic to their portal. + Getting lost + Blogging This positivity business has something for all parties involved as consumers and producers.

What content is accepted by

The essay must be based on thorough research and supported by facts and figures.
The website used for the search must be provided as a link to the article.

We only accept positive related articles.

Each article must be reviewed before submission.
Companies should not write articles to promote their products or services.

Best Guest Post Contributor Rewards:

Below are some of the benefits positive guest post contributors can expect from the Write Us Positive blog initiative.

Guest referrals will benefit your organic website traffic; It will be a ready audience.
They will receive the product and service they want to promote by mail.

They can also increase sales opportunities by driving traffic to their website.

Readers will also allow a certain amount of public access.
A writer can evaluate his performance by evaluating various job parameters.

Guidelines for guest posting on

Below are some of the steps that every positive writer and practitioner is expected to follow when creating Write for Us + positive blog guest content. These guidelines are important for ranking articles in the SERPs.

100 marks are expected for each essay and they should strive to create error-free content.
The length of the essay must be 1000 words.
Articles must follow all search engine SEO guidelines.
The headline should be short and catchy.
The title and subtitle should contain relevant information.
A link spam post score should not be more than 2-3%.
The text must not be copied.
The language used to write a headline should be simple and understandable to the average reader.
Positive posts must have two high quality links to us.
Most essays should be written in the active voice and avoid the passive voice.

Only positive entries will be accepted.

A contributor should create content that engages the audience in a short amount of time.

Topics that can be described under positive context

Essays on Mind and Body.
Topics related to yoga and meditation.
Positive and interesting topic.
Essay on motivation, goals and planning.

How to Apply for Guest Post Success;

Motivational writers and other positive writers interested in developing guest post content for Marifilmines COM can contact


Write Us Positive writing is a great opportunity for professionals and writers to make a positive difference. They can use the platform to interact with thousands of visitors. Any writer or contributor who has doubts about guest posting can email us at the address above or share your concerns in the comments section.

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