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Welcome to our Word Cash app review!

There are great games on Google Play and App Store that claim to make real money.

One of them is Word Cash, which gives you virtual money if you find all the words in a puzzle.

If you are familiar with this type of software, you know that there are systems that prevent users from paying.

You are only here because you don’t want to go through hundreds of levels because they don’t make you any money.

Is Word Cash Legitimate Or Another Fake Money Company? Watch and learn!

what is the word

Crossword for Android is similar to many other apps like Word Cache, Word Spin and Word Break.

Some of them only give points while others reward you with virtual money you can get from PayPal. Words like money!

Word Cash is owned and operated by Puzzle Free Games, a Hong Kong based company.

Enigma games help you train your brain and pass the time. But beware, gambling with the hope of winning money can make you angry and frustrated.


How does WordCash work?

After installing Word Cash from Google Play, you can get started by clicking the Step 1 button. No permission, no registration or permission required.


game guide
When you start the game, you will see many squares with one letter each. Your job is to slide your finger to connect the letters that make up the puzzle.

Then the top part breaks and the blocks are destroyed to solve the puzzle.

Each level represents a specific topic. For example, the second step includes breakfast, bread, eggs, etc. There are words like Condolences!

Is the word money really worthless?

Based on many reviews and my participation in other similar games, I believe Word Cash is worthless. There is no proof for this!

If you look at the reviews on Google Play, you will find a lot of complaints about this game.

Everyone seems to be stuck until they hit $150. As a result, no one can claim withdrawal for not reaching the minimum amount.

$10 for 10+ levels, 8 and 5 for $0.02!

In other words, the algorithm guarantees that no matter how successful you are, you will not get your money back.

Some people report that their earnings decrease when they approach Word Cash!

Please note that the “Explanation” program does not show the ability to receive money. Instead, they claim that tokens and coins do not represent any real value.

When you play Word Cash, you will see a lot of ads that force you to play other games to earn money. This video is very misleading and should not be taken seriously.


Is this a fee?
I think Word Cash kills people by protecting them up to $150.

The manufacturer claims that you can receive payments via PayPal, but does not specify at what level this must be done to achieve the goal.

So after playing for a few weeks and unlocking thousands of words, they can stop paying for the game.

If it’s not a scam, I suggest the developers explain what they really want for the money. Find out how long we have to play and how many people get paid per month.


Are there alternatives to Word Box?

CryptoWord is the only paid puzzle game, but the odds of winning are great!

You have to write an average of 100 words of 5 letters to earn an average of $0.01 per response.

So should we expect to waste a lot of time and data on the internet? Well, if you’re just playing these kinds of games for fun, why not make money?

In my experience, the best way to make money is to join a trusted GPT site and follow their recommendations.

Most of them ask you to install the game on your device and go through the levels.

The best thing about these platforms is that they provide another easy way to increase your income.


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