Why iRazoo Should NOT Make You Excited! (iRazoo Details)

iRazoo Review

iRazoo claims to be the most popular rewards platform on the web.

But is iRazoo legit and a good way to make money online, or is it a scam full of empty promises?

In this iRazoo review, we’ll take a look inside and show you all that the platform has to offer, and show you what to expect and what not to expect.

After reading this review, you can easily decide if this is a useful platform for you.

What is an Air Zoo and What does this site offer?

The website claims iRazoo is the most popular online gift portal. This is a big claim, with no data to back it up.

Swag bucks may be the biggest in terms of membership and popularity, but there are many other very large and popular platforms out there, so I disagree with iRazoo’s bold claims. Data backup is required.

After all, marketing is everything, and many companies use claims like this, but that doesn’t mean the platform is a scam (there have been some complaints recently. (More on that later.) Free, free.) t Promotes fakes. Or fake polls.

Option 1 – Paid Surveys:

iRazoo has a fairly large search section, where you can find different opportunities every day.

Please note that iRazoo is not a survey site and only collects surveys from various partners. Then, after completing the survey, you will be transferred to another platform to complete your response, but payment will be made to your iRazoo account.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and many surveys and Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites offer this type of survey.

However, this means that many of the surveys they offer are also available on other platforms. Based on my experience, many expensive survey sites charge more per hour than iRazoo. Some surveys may charge more for the same survey.

Option 2 – Full Offer:

This includes, for example, signing up for trials of certain Services, entering contests, downloading apps, etc.

The numbers are small, but the opportunities are there. In general, if you find a suitable offer, it’s a good idea to accept it.

Option 3 – Watch Video:

You can earn money by watching videos. There are several categories of videos, and according to iRazoo, you could theoretically earn unlimited money watching these videos.
In general, you can’t expect to make a lot of money watching videos on GPT sites, but in my experience watching videos is more expensive if you want to make money watching videos. I have a website

Option 4 – iRazoo Search Engine:

Get extra points if you use it instead of your regular search engine.
You never know exactly when and how much you can make using a search engine. You can receive between 1 and 25 points per day. Points are awarded randomly, so you never know when they will be awarded.

I think using this feature is a waste of time.

Option 5 – Play:

You have to play games like solitaire, bridge and crosswords. Here’s how iRazoo earns points:

This is a feature I have no options available. This may be due to the country I live in as iRazoo does not offer this option in all countries. I haven’t been able to test it, so I don’t know the odds of winning playing this game.

Option 6 – iRazoo Promo Code:

iRazoo periodically offers promotional codes that can be used to earn free points. This codes will be posted on iRazoo FB and Twitter channels. Members should be aware that this code is released frequently.

Option 7 – Daily Goals:

iRazoo has a bonus feature that allows you to earn extra points by doing certain activities.
The payouts are not high, but you can earn even more if you are actively using iRazoo.

Option 8 – Refer a friend:

You can also earn money by inviting your friends to iRazoo. However, it is not a great referral program and the earning potential is very limited. Refer someone and get bonus when you get 1000 points.

You can earn between 100 and 500 points, depending on your country.

how will they pay me?

As you know, iRazoo rewards you for doing things.

These points can be exchanged for various prizes based on your preferences.Personally, I prefer reward portals that pay with PayPal. Fortunately, this is one of the methods offered by iRazoo. Depending on your country, there are other options if you have different tastes.
To get paid, you need to earn $20 (12,000 points). There are search sites that pay off quickly and have good overall odds. If you need a gift card, you can receive payment after earning 3,000 points on iRazoo.

Also, please note that iRazoo will delete your account if you do not receive any offers or surveys for 60 days. Response times are so fast that they can be low compared to other search sites. Many people don’t even reset their account, usually for 6-12 months.

How much money can you make?

There are several income opportunities. In my opinion, there is no point in wasting time or using too many useless options.Surveys and offers are useful, but in my experience there are sites that offer better odds and a better use of your time.Also, keep in mind that paid surveys and online reward portals are generally not a way to earn a full time online income.

Can i use iRazoo with my phone?

One of the things I love about iRazoo is that it has an app.

With this app, you can easily conduct research on the go and maximize your earnings.

However, the iRazoo app appears to be no longer available. However, our site is optimized for mobile devices, so you can still use it by logging in from your mobile browser.

If you use apps, you can find the best GPT and search apps here.

Who can participate?
No matter where you live, you can join iRazoo. However, the number of opportunities depends on your country of residence.

iRazoo offers more opportunities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, but there are suitable opportunities in many other countries as well.

No matter where you live, there are probably better survey sites in your country.

If you still want to join iRazoo, it’s very simple. Just visit the site and register. You must confirm your email. If you want an extra 500 points bonus, you can use referral code ZTR9UH.

Do you have a complaint about iRazoo?

iRazoo has changed a lot since I posted this review.

Therefore, I would like to include this section here. This will allow you to know all the details and take them into consideration before deciding whether to participate.

The main complaint I hear about iRazoo is that it has become very difficult to generate revenue and many members seem to have problems with this.
In addition to these complaints, we have seen many members claim that when they contacted iRazoo regarding this issue, they either received no response from support or only received a very general response.

I can’t say for sure what happened, but it’s definitely something to consider before attending. .

final decision

As you can see, iRazoo is an online survey site and rewards portal. However, I’m not very happy with the opportunities here.

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