Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart {May 2022} Guess With Hints Here!

vampire survivors evolution chart

Vampire Survivors is a shooter role-playing game that was released on December 17th, 2021. Players must survive against an onslaught of nocturnal creatures and survive until dawn. Therefore, it goes without saying that weapons play an important role in this game. Players can not only collect a range of weapons, but also have the opportunity to evolve them. In this Vampire Survivors evolution chart, we explain how players can evolve specific weapons and what items they need to evolve.

Evolution diagram of vampire survivors

Using this Vampire Survivor Evolution Chart, players can easily find the items they need to evolve specific weapons. In addition to this, we will also explain the additional benefits that players receive as a result of the advancement of the respective weapon.


Item Required: Hollow Heart
Enhanced Weapon: Bloody Tear
Benefit: Deals critical damage and restores HP

Magic wand

Item Required: Tome of the Void
Enhanced Weapon: Holy Wand
Advantage: No lag when shooting


Item needed: Bracelet
Enhanced Weapon: Thousand Edge
Advantage: No lag when shooting


Item Required: CandlestickEnhanced Weapon: Death Coil
Perk: Pierces enemies


Item Required: Clover
Enhanced Weapon: Sky Sword
Perk: Critical Damage

King of the Bible

Item Required: Spellbinder
Enhanced Weapon: Unholy Eve
Benefit: Cooldown is no longer dependent on duration


Item needed: Spinach
Improved Weapon: Hellfire
Advantage: ignore duration


Item Required: Pummarola
Improved Weapon: Soul Eater
Advantage: Ignores amount, duration and speed.

Santa water

Required Item: Attractor
Improved Weapon: The Borra
Perk: Scales with all status bonuses and MoveSpeed.

lightning ring

Item Required: Duplicator
Improved Weapon: Thunder Loop
Benefit: Ignores duration and speed.

mana song

Item Required: Skull O’Maniac
Enhanced Weapon: Mannajja
Advantage: Ignore quantity and speed.


Required Item: Crown
Improved Weapon: Beautiful Moon
Benefit: Ignores everything except cooldown.

rune tracker

Required Item: Armor
Improved Weapon: NO FUTURE
Perk: Projectiles ricochet off terrain and screen edges, scaling with all stat bonuses.
Phiera The Tuphello
Item Required: Eight the Sparrow and Tiragisu
Improved Weapon: Phieraggi
Advantage: ignore duration


Item Required: Ebony Wings
Improved Weapon: Vandal
Perk – Has two areas going in either direction, Acquisition will free up a slot for weapons and will scale with all stat and MoveSpeed ​​bonuses.
This is the Vampire Survivor Weapon Evolution Chart. For more game content, see The Walking Dead (TWD) Survivor Codes

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