Userlytics Review – Worth Your Time? (Not for All)

Userlytics Review

Certainly, joining an online survey site or a Get Paid To (GPT) site is a viable way to make some extra money. But sometimes work can get monotonous, especially if you have been working for a while.

If you are fed up with these types of income opportunities, why not try a different type of website and make some extra money? I’m talking about user test pages. This type of website allows you to make money by testing different websites.

But before you sign up on this site, let’s discuss a few things first, such as: B. whether Userlytics is legal?

Fortunately, this site is a legitimate user testing site and you are paying to review and test the site.

But the question is, is it worth it? To answer that question you need to get a lot of everything this site has to offer. This Userlytics review covers everything so you can decide whether or not to sign up.

What is Userlytics and what does it offer?

As mentioned above, Userlytics is a user testing site where you pay to test a specific site and provide feedback. It’s been around since 2009. It’s a pretty basic site, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get used to the way it makes money.

Now to really understand what this site has to offer and how much you can benefit from it, you need to look at the income opportunities it offers as follows.

Option 1 – Usability testing

As an examiner, you will be invited to examinations from time to time. This quiz asks you to test a specific website or mobile app and then provide feedback.

After registering on the site, you can log into your member dashboard to see if there are any tests you can take. You will also receive an email when a trial version is available. So check your email regularly.

Before proceeding, please note that you must have a webcam and microphone installed on your computer in order to take the test. Also, you need to install screen recording software or Application.
It is important that you speak your thoughts loudly and clearly during the test. You should also make sure that the test is carried out in a bright, quiet room. This is important because usability test owners will give you a higher score if they can clearly see your facial expression.

Once the proof is complete, it should be sent for verification. Access your member panel to view the status of your submitted tests. You can see what is under review and what is pending or approved.

Once your trial is approved, you will receive the reward promised in your trial invitation.

One thing to keep in mind is that each test has a limited number of participants. So if you really want to make money, try to pass the exam as soon as possible.

Option 2 – In-Depth Interview

Personal tests or in-depth interviews with site owners are also occasionally conducted.

This earning opportunity allows you to chat with the website owner (or their representative) and provide real-time feedback on the website/app.

This money-making opportunity is not very common, but it is a good way to get rewarded because you can earn a good amount of money with it. So if you see empty spaces, you’d better delete them immediately.

How do I get paid?

If a Userlytics customer reviews the test feedback and gives a positive rating, the test will be marked as passed.

Payments for approved tests are then made within 15 days. Therefore, you don’t have to reach a certain threshold to withdraw your winnings.

Payment is via PayPal. So make sure to provide a verified PayPal account.

I really like that you don’t have to reach a certain threshold to cash out your winnings. This makes it easier and faster to withdraw your winnings.

how much money can you make?

In my experience, user test sites usually pay a reasonable amount. This way you can get a best amount. According to longtime members, they typically charge between $5 and $20 per 20-40 minute test.

If it is longer, more payments will be made. Of course, this all depends on your ability to test regularly, and Userlytics does not guarantee that you will receive invitations to test regularly.
The best thing you can do to increase your chances of receiving a trial invitation is to complete your profile. If you can do this, you are more likely to pass the exam.

Overall, I would say that Userlytics has quite the revenue potential. Even if you don’t win consistently, you can still win a decent amount of money, so you’ll level up.

Can I use it on my phone?

As mentioned earlier in this review, you can also try the mobile app. You must use your mobile device to do this. I also need an app that records my screen because I need to record what I’m doing. This is the only time you can use the site on your mobile device.

This is where the Userlytics app comes into play. Screen recording apps can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. This app allows you to start testing, screen recording, and audio. This app also uses the front camera of your mobile device.

Of course, the process always starts with your website. As you’ll remember from the video above, you’ll need to enter a code to start the test. The same procedure applies to using a mobile application. You have to get the code from the website (or email).

Who can participate in Userlytics?

This site is available more or less worldwide. This means you can register as a tester wherever you live. In addition, you must be at least 16 years of age to participate in the Site.

However, keep in mind that depending on your country, it may take a lot of patience to find the test to take.
On the other hand, most modern webcams have a built-in microphone, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The next thing to make sure is that you have a good place to take the test, preferably in a quiet, well-lit area. This way, customers can clearly see your feedback and comments.

This is very helpful in passing the exam.

You can help me?

Userlytics has an FAQ page for all questions. It contains mostly basic instructions on what to do and what to expect as an evaluator.

For example, if you have an unanswered question on our FAQ page, you can email it to So check your email from time to time for a response.

You can also visit our YouTube channel if you want to know more about how this site works. They have a lot of videos uploaded and you can learn a thing or two from them.

final decision

Userlytics is a trusted user testing site that pays customers to participate in usability testing. It offers some great features, but also has some drawbacks.

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