The Grand Mafia Guide {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

The Grand Mafia Guide

A new mafia game? Learn the basics with the Great Mafia’s Guide with tips and tricks

Great Mafia Guide: Tips, Tricks and Tricks

This article is about the Great Mafia game, artists, buildings, pets, mansions and hackers, looting, defending, attacking other players, resources, and more. Let’s go straight to the Cheat and Grand Mafia guides!

Walk through the gold bars wisely

The first tip is to pass the gold bars wisely. The game has many uses for gold bars; We recommend that you invest in permanent VIP bonuses. In other words, use gold bars to earn VIP points and VIP promotions to earn a permanent bonus. Tap the VIP next to the bottom corner in the top left corner. You can view the VIP rights on this page. The higher the VIP level, the greater the benefits. Click the + -> button next to the VIP row to spend gold bars to earn VIP points and upgrade your VIP status.

enjoy the code

Developers release new code every week. Use this code to get free gifts. Here you can check all the Grand Mafia codes.

Here’s how to increase the influence of the mafia

You can see the mafia effect at the top of the game screen. Mafia points show your overall strength as a player. You can increase the influence of the mafia by repairing key buildings, investing in the construction of a major investment center, creating a vice president, forming partners in a training center, setting traps and enforcing law enforcement.

A guide to the main mafia partners

Great Mafia Guide and Tips friends in the game “Great Mafia Troops”. You can train them in your home training center. Use them to attack street fighters on a battle map. You can open new partners (senior partners) by investing in the “team” of the investment center. The higher the partner’s level, the greater the ability to walk. You can upgrade your training center and hire more partners right away.

Partner Tips: –

There are different types of partners in the great mafia. For example – Biker, Bruisers, Mortar Cars, Killers, Walls, etc.

Some common types have advantages and disadvantages over some common types. For example, the Bruiser Hitmen unit is strong against Mortar Cars but weak against Bikers, Frag Granade and Wall.

Tap the training center building. To check for strong / weak data -> select an attribute.

How can you use your colleagues wisely?

It depends on how weak the enemy is. We advise enemy players to “spy” before sending forces and allies to attack. Scout / Scout enemies will inform you; enemy troops. Check the types of your partners and choose your partners wisely. For example, if the enemy has multiple assassins, you can send Bruiser, Incendiary, Bomb, and Wall units because Hitman units are weak against these types.

A guide for the great Mafia players

The Ecuterine rulers are the heroes of the Great Mafia. They lead the team into battle. By increasing their level, you can increase the size of your squad – the larger the group, the more battlemates.

For a complete list of Forerener, go to Practitioners -> section. Tap the app card. You can set the level and text in the upper left corner (click view icon for details), group size, etc. You can control. Click the + -> button next to Level – Enforcer XP -> Upgrade. You can get Enforcer XP from campaign mode, troubles, and more.

Chips are required to obtain a practitioner diploma. The signals can be obtained from the replay stage of the campaign.

You will need their notes to open new practitioners, you will get them from the planning stage of the campaign; mostly fashion elite.

The best way to advance in the great mafia

We recommend that you pay attention to the campaign mode at the beginning of the game; It offers EXP, acceleration, termination signals and many other benefits. On the home screen -> screen and apps

The best way forward is the Grand Mafia⇓

We recommend focusing on performing projects at the beginning of the game; It provides EXP, stamina improvements, performance gains and many other rewards. On the main home page -> watch and click on “comment” -> complete the status and get free rewards.

Underboss Guide

You play as one down in the game The Grand Mafia. Click on the Underboss icon in the upper left corner. You can install it there (you can set it up in the factory at the bottom of the main building). On the same screen, press the + button next to the bottom control bar / EXP-> use the bottom control EXP to upgrade and earn special points. You can earn Underboss EXP from actions, kingdoms, promotions and more.

Click on the skill button on the control map screen -> here you can apply skills in the “cost / crew” or “money / money” trees. Both are important. A 50/50 split is recommended.

Join a big party

Part of the organization’s role in the game The Grand Mafia. You have to attend the party because it brings so many benefits; You can move groups (clan -> tap coordinates to get there -> go) to avoid kidnapping other players. Surrounded by party members, you’ll always have a chance at PvP.

Other benefits include support from party members, donations, sponsors and more.

Do your homework to win for free
Click under the icon -> transfer data, local events, family events, special organizations, VIP specials to receive free rewards.

Stir the great mafia

Touch the bottom left corner -> the bridge sign. This will take you to a map where you can spot, attack and capture enemies. On the map map, click the explore button in the lower left corner -> select enemy type -> send enforced rule with friends. Train gym staff, take leads by playing in a controlled environment.

You can use the organizers to steal other players. Touch the coordinates on the map; X and Y. You can see the game information by clicking on their buildings on the map.

Baby’s guide to the big mafia

Grand MafiaBabe guides and tips to give you rewards and fans for free. On the main screen of the castle, click on the child image to the left of the castle. You can interact with the girls there. Upgrade large rooms to open new girls. You have many choices of baby pictures; Press the play key to play small games and get hearts. It takes the heart to increase the intimacy of a child. As you get older, you unlock new Baby skills. On the photo page of the same girl, you will find skills, talents, gifts, assignments and clothing choices. You will be rewarded with skills. Use technical skills to increase skills and increase strength. You can create trading strategies to earn special points.

Get more advice

Upgrade your safe to protect your assets from theft
Train friends
Build and renovate all rooms in the basement of the building
Interact with hot girls every day and increase the amount of kindness
Invest in the investment sector
Go to the map and find tools; You can collect resources such as weapons, objects, metals, diamonds and metals.
View step-by-step assignment issues
Participate in party activities
Provide enforcement rules on the walls of the building as a protective barrier
Join in the fun for free

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